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Valet Parking

Preparing to Use a Valet Service

Learn how to prepare for valet parking services from a Twin Cities valet company.

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How Hiring a Valet Service Can Actually Make You Money

Transportation companies and valet parking services can serve as an atmospheric tool that can raise your profit lines.

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Does your Restaurant Need a Valet Service?

Valet parking services provided by valet companies can create a comforting experience for your restaurant’s guests.

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Why Personable Service is Key in Valet Parking Services

Transportation companies and valet companies must work hard to provide friendly service. Read on to discover how our valet company does that.

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Why Hire a Professional to Manage your Parking Lot?

Valet companies and valet parking services usually don’t offer parking lot management—but ours does! Why would you need such a service? Find out here.

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What “High Standards” Look Like in a Valet Company

Picking a valet company, especially a private event valet company, can feel overwhelming. Here’s what you should look for in a valet parking service.

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Why Use a Valet Company Instead of a Commercial Taxi Service?

Commercial taxi companies are almost inseparable from city life these days. If you’ve got to get somewhere fast, you whip out your smartphone and track down the nearest taxi. There’s a reason these services have transformed into behemoth corporate juggernauts, after all.

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Why to Hire a Valet Company for Your Fundraising Event

No matter if it’s cheap and cheerful or an extravagant investment of funds, a fundraiser is a great opportunity to raise money for any number of things— harities, nonprofits, homeowners associations, you name it. Plus, because they are typically family-friendly events, they bring communities together, drum up good press for your business, and typically are a great time for hosts and participants alike.

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What to Do If You’ve Locked Yourself Out of Your Car

So you’ve done the unthinkable: you’ve locked yourself out of your car. Rest assured it happens to everyone, but that doesn’t stop an unplanned lockout from being all the more frustrating. Few things are worse than spoiled plans—especially if that spoiling is caused by human error, forgetfulness, or exhaustion.

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What to Consider Before Hiring a Valet Company

If it’s your first time hiring a valet company for, you may be a little stressed. A valet parking service is a significant investment of your finances; a poorly-serviced valet company can just be a monetary sink. You’d hate for your important guests to have a bad experience and be in foul moods before they’ve even set foot into your establishment—and you’d hate to have spent money on that!

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