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How to Keep Your Car Safe From Thieves

Keep your car secure from thieves. Use a valet parking service in Minneapolis so your car is safely parked and under supervision. Unparalleled Parking offers valet parking service in Minneapolis.

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Hosting a Charity Event? Hire a Valet Parking Service

Are you planning a charity in the Twin Cities? Let Unparalleled Parking help you with your valet parking services. We offer valet and transportation services in Minneapolis, MN.

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How Transportation Services Can Ensure Their Passenger Are Safe

Are you looking for a safe limousine company in Minneapolis, MN? Unparalleled Parking offers safe and efficient transportation and valet services for private events and weddings.

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How to Execute an Efficient Valet Service for Your Medical Facility

Many hospitals across the Twin Cities offer valet parking for their patients. Does yours? Unparalleled Parking can help your hospital set up valet service.

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How to Create a More Secure Parking Experience for Your Guests

Unparalleled Parking can ensure your guests’ cars are secure with our specialized valet parking services. No matter where we park your guests’ vehicles, they will be safe and sound.

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What Should You Remove From Your Car Before Using a Valet Service?

One of the most irritating and challenging mishaps that can occur at an event is to leave your car with us, walk into the building, and ten minutes later, realize you left something. For your sake, it’s better to remember to take everything you intended to bring with you so that you don’t have to say to your friends, “I’ll be right back!” Below are five of the essential items you should keep with you at all times so that you don’t have to come back to our valet attendant.

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Can You Still Get Your Car if You Lose Your Claims Ticket?

Your valet parking claims ticket is the insurance you have that you will be getting in your car and driving it home at the end of the night. Without the ticket, it becomes a bit more challenging to verify which vehicle belongs to you (challenging, but not impossible). However, the problem doesn’t begin when you lose your ticket. The real problem starts when someone else finds your ticket, picks it up, and claims your car. Therefore, all someone has to do is present the ticket, pay for the parking, get in the car, and drive away. Below are some steps you can take to secure your car just in case you lose your parking claim ticket.

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Make a Powerful & Lasting Impression By Offering Valet Parking

When it comes to valet parking, think seven seconds. That’s the amount of time we have to help you make the first impression as soon as your guests exit their vehicle. In seven seconds, we can make a positive first impression and a positive lasting impression with each person that attends your event or enters your business. This is the value of valet parking. Our attendants can make everybody in the vehicle feel right at home with a warm smile and efficient service. We are dedicating to making a positive impression on your guests.

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How Offering Valet Parking Services Gives You Repeat Business

Valet Service makes an indelible impression upon people. It adds a level of value to your event and makes each person in attendance feel unique in a way that no other service can provide. Unparalleled Parking understands the importance of the valet-guest relationship. We strive to create a positive environment so that each person feels welcome as soon as he or she steps out of the car. Our added service and personal warm touch will keep your customers coming back to your business.

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Make Reservations for Your 2019 Event Now

2018 is right around the corner, and Unparalleled Parking is already booking slots for the upcoming year. We offer valet parking services for all types of events including weddings, restaurants, company parties, and charities as well as other community events. To schedule us for 2018 here is some information that you need to know. We’re happy to provide you with a custom service that is perfect for your event.

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