How do Professional Valet Services Add a Personal Touch?

Guest service should be the primary focus of every valet company. Providing ‘satisfactory’ service is no longer good enough. Valet companies need to get creative in providing the ultimate personalized experience when guests arrive at a venue. Although the interaction between attendants and guests only lasts a few seconds, the attendant has an opportunity to make a first and lasting impression on the guest.

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Valet Parking at Sporting Events

Whether you’re attending a Timberwolves, Vikings, or a Minnesota Wild game, why not arrive in style by taking advantage of a valet parking or transportation service? Unparalleled Parking offers valet parking services and transportation services for sports facilities across Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Understanding Customer Psychology in Valet Parking Services

Today’s consumers are driven by research. The Internet has given them access to a wide range of information about your company, your competition, and the industry in which you operate. To succeed, your business needs to provide useful information without any filler. Potential customers are looking for the facts and nothing more.

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How Does Valet Parking Benefit a Business?

Valet parking is a valuable amenity that offers added convenience for your customers while improving traffic flow and vehicle capacity. It can also put your business ahead of the competition, as other companies likely do not offer this service. Whether you run a corporation, restaurant, retail center, or hospital, you can quickly discover how valet parking improves your business.

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5 Busy Times of the Year for Valet Services: Reserve Your Valet Now

The busiest times of the year usually revolve around holidays. And it’s during these times that corporations, restaurants, community organizers, and other entities plan their events. When it comes to event planning, you should schedule your valet parking or transportation in advance, as those services generally book their entire schedule early.

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Valet Parking Safety Tips for Guests

Valet parking offers an added touch to any event or establishment. You expect quality service from valet parking attendants who care about the safety of your car and your valuables. As a guest, you can also play a role in making sure that all passengers in your car and everyone around is safe and secure.

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Planning a Holiday Event? Reserve Your Valet Parking Now

The holidays are filled with all types of festivities and city-wide events in Minneapolis. Most event planners are already beginning to reserve valet parking services. If you wait until it’s too late, you may have to settle for a company that doesn’t provide high-level service.

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How to Plan Valet Service for Your Event

Are you planning to add valet parking to your upcoming event? With planning and organization, valet parking can add a touch of class that your guests will appreciate.


If you need help working out the valet parking, Unparalleled Parking can meet with you and go over all the details. We offer comprehensive valet parking service for all types of events and business establishments throughout Minneapolis.

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5 Reasons to Choose Unparalleled Parking For Your Event

Parallel Parking has distinguished itself as a premier valet parking service in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are committed to providing you with exceptional customer service in every aspect of our business.


We offer customized valet and transportation services for all events including weddings, corporate events, parties, fundraisers, and community events. We also offer valet services for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other establishments across the Twin Cities area.

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What’s Included in a Valet Parking Quote?

Offering guests at your event an exceptional experience begins in the parking lot. From the moment they pull up to your event, you will impress them with a high-quality valet experience. Valet service helps your guests arrive inside your event comfortably and safely, especially in urban areas where finding parking can be a real challenge.

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