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Can You Trust Your Valet Service?

A private event valet company is here to soothe your fears about hiring a transportation company for your event or business.

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Red Flags in a Hotel or Restaurant Valet Company

A Minneapolis valet service and transportation company explains how to know if you aren’t getting the quality valet parking service you’re paying for.

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You’ve Locked Yourself Out of Your Car in the Middle Of Winter. Now What?

Fall is here! While right now the sun is still shining, and the leaves are practically glowing orange, it’s hard to ignore the nip in the air that reminds us of the one certainty of our capricious Minnesota climate: winter will come, and it will be unpleasant. However, if you find yourself locked out of your car in below-zero windchill, things can quickly take a turn from unpleasant to downright deadly.

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What to Take With You After Leaving your Car with a Valet

We’ve all been there: running late, leaping out of our car, hurling our keys to the valet, and bolting for the front steps. You can’t miss that important reservation or private event, after all! However, rushing away from your car without doing a quick check of your essentials is a recipe for one big headache and another smaller hassle. Rest assured these belongings are safe with our background-checked, reputable valet drivers, but you certainly don’t want to pull the social faux pas of awkwardly exiting a conversation to go get your wallet to pay for dinner!

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How to Customize Your Valet Services to Your Event

At Unparalleled Parking, we pride ourselves on being a fully comprehensive, personalized Twin Cities valet service. No matter the event—weddings, corporate bashes, conventions, you name it—we can and will fully customize our service to fit your individual needs. You’ll be hard-passed to find such a responsive and client-focused valet parking service, but how do you take full advantage of everything we have to offer at Unparalleled Parking?

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Common Misconceptions about Valet Parking Services

Ask any business out there about their hospitality practices, and they’ll say it’s a top priority for them. This is as it should be! Giving a customer a warm and welcoming experience is a great way to keep them coming back. However, when most businesses strive to be hospitable, it can be difficult to set oneself apart. If going above and beyond is the norm, then how does one go above and beyond that norm?

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Qualities of a Good Valet Driver

We all learn how to park a car in driver’s ed; it’s a legally required part of getting a license, after all. You might think that just about anyone who can drive a car can work in valet parking services. It’s easy, right? All you have to do is drive from Point A to Point B a few times and then the shift is over.

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Preparing to Use a Valet Service

You’ve prepared for your event in every way possible: ordered the decorations, planned an itinerary, wrangled a catering service… you’ve even made the smart decision and hired a valet company to manage the chaos that will be parking in Minneapolis. You’re all set to sit back and relax until the event happens, right?

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Why Hire a Professional to Manage your Parking Lot?

A parking lot can be a huge financial boon, but making money off of it requires a lot more effort than simply owning a plot of cement! There are meters to maintain, booths to staff, security cameras to set up, complaints to take care of…not to mention the chaos that comes with hiring all the people that make profiting from your parking lot possible.

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What “High Standards” Look Like in a Valet Company

Picking a valet company, especially one for a private event, can feel incredibly overwhelming. When all companies tote themselves as upholding the highest standards in the valet parking service industry, it can be difficult to cut through it all and figure out what’s the real deal.

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