About Us

Unparalleled Parking is a valet company that has been providing the highest quality parking services to restaurants, hotels, and private events in the Twin Cities for over a decade!

The valet company was founded over a decade ago by owner Christopher Forest, and it has grown to be a trusted name throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. While there are some environments we often work in, such as hotels, restaurants, weddings, and other special events, we view each client’s needs as unique and meet them with outstanding service that has an unmatched value!

Our Standard

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of client care, aiming to provide the best service there is for valet parking services in the Twin Cities. We also don’t hold ourselves back; rather we go above and beyond to serve our clients and give them the experience they deserve. We know we are often hired to play a part in an all-around high-class experience. Our valets are dressed professionally, whether in a polo with our logo or a business’ preferred uniform. We aim to prove ourselves worthy not only of a client’s business but their guest’s trust when they hand us the keys. In fact, the Better Business Bureau gave us the esteemed Award of Ethics!

Our Service

Dedication to excellence in hospitality is something many companies say they have, but when it comes time to prove it, not many do. Over the years we have established our company and our name to mean something; we truly provide unparalleled service in the Twin Cities. Whether we are working at a business enterprise such as a restaurant or hotel, or for a private event like a wedding or other party, we know that our hospitality reflects on the host. If you have a need, we will do our best to meet it. At Unparalleled Parking, we are ready and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that guests have a flawless experience.

Our Employees

From our owner, to the supervisors, all the way to the team members who are parking the cars, we strive to do our jobs well and serve each guest above and beyond. Because we hold such high standards, we expect those who work for us to be capable and willing to maintain those standards. In short, we hire the right people to help uphold our reputation and leave a great impression on your guests. All of our employees undergo a background check and are approved by our insurance company.

We Are Covered

Although our employees are excellent at what they do, sometimes accidents happen. So like everything else we do, we are prepared. If an accident happens with your vehicle, we are not only insured but we also have our own claims department. It’s one of the big things that sets us apart from the other valet companies. We are able to handle the claim quickly, and get your car back to the way it was when you drove up.

Your Valet Guys Are Unparalleled

Our company’s name is what it is for a reason: we are committed to providing service that can’t be beat. That’s the kind of service we have been providing since we began.

If you are interested in working with us for your valet parking and transportation service needs, call to speak with our owner about how we can help. You can reach us at 651-300-1515.