Hotel Valet

When guests arrive at your hotel, whether for a stay or an event, your valet parking service has to be high class to match their overall experience. You should be able to trust the hands they pass their keys off to because it reflects on your hotel!

That’s where Unparalleled Parking comes in. We provide an unmatched professional valet parking service to hotels and other establishments across the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Our drivers provide an excellent level of hospitality, handling each car with care. We can help give your guests the top rate experience you strive to provide.

Why Unparalleled Parking for Hotel Valet?

  • High Standards
  • Excellent Hospitality
  • Expert Staff
  • Professional Presentation

Our Standard

Just like you do, we have standards that we hold ourselves to in our service. This ensures that we provide the same level of quality, time and time again for our clients and their guests. We know that even before they step out of the vehicle headed for your hotel, they are taking in the experience. That’s why our drivers are ready to serve your guests with a high-class service. We strive to provide excellent valet parking service.

Our Service

When you have us on your property, parking your guests’ vehicles, we know that everything we do reflects on your business and we take that seriously. We also value hospitality which is one of the many reasons why so many hotels exclusively partner with Unparalleled Parking to provide their valet service! We want your guests to feel taken care of, and we treat every guest the same regardless of vehicle or anything else. Our standard is to provide the highest possible level of hospitality to everyone who hands us their keys.

Our Staff

The level of hospitality and the standards we strive for in our work influence everything we do, including how we hire. We need to have people who are on board with the level of quality and professionalism we strive to provide. We not only hire individuals who are prepared to work hard, but we train our staff to maintain our standards of service. Our entire team strives to serve each of your guests with excellence. Whether we’re parking a brand new high-end sports car or an economical commuter, each vehicle is handled with care.

Professional Presentation

There are many aspects of the business we’re in that not every valet company takes into consideration, and one of those is presentation. We strive to go above and beyond to serve our clients and their guests, so we stop at nothing give them an excellent experience. From the attire of our valets to handling accidental damages, to how we answer the phone, we have it all covered. Our valets are always professionally dressed, whether in our uniform or one that is custom to your establishment. While they handle every vehicle with care, unfortunate accidents do sometimes happen. We have our own internal claims department to handle the incident with speed and efficiency. When you call us, you will always reach a real person, never an automated answering service or operator.

Unmatched Service, Unparalleled Parking

Surely you can see why hotels throughout the Twin Cities have chosen to work with Unparalleled Parking. We would be proud to provide you with the same excellent service for your guests.

You can reach us at 651-300-1515 to discuss working with us as your hotel’s valet!