Restaurant Valet

When patrons pull up to your restaurant, be prepared with professional valets ready to park their vehicles so they can be on their way to a delicious meal! However finding an affordable yet high-end valet parking company in the Twin Cities can be a challenge.

That’s where Unparalleled Parking comes in! We are the valet company of choice for restaurants of all price points. Whether your establishment is downtown where traffic is thick and parking is limited, or you just want your guests to have a high-end experience without the stress of finding a place to park the car, Unparalleled Parking is the choice with unmatched service in the Twin Cities.

Why Select Unparalleled Parking Valets for Your Restaurant?

Often, restaurant owners and managers seek to improve their guest experience and decide to increase the level of hospitality they provide by offering their guests complimentary or paid valet parking. This can be an asset or a disaster, depending on the company you choose. When you work with Unparalleled Parking, you’ll see the benefits of a professional valet company with the same values of your establishment, such as:

  • High Company Standards
  • Professional Staff
  • Hospitality Excellence

High Company Standards

Our attitude toward hospitality is what shapes the way we do our work and the service we provide. We are the best ones to hold ourselves to our high standard and ensure we meet our goals. We are committed to enhancing a guest’s experience at your restaurant, and it shows. Restaurants throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul have selected us as their exclusive valet service provider because of our high standards for hospitality and presentation.

Professional Staff

As a restaurant valet provider that is constantly striving to give every person we serve an excellent experience, we know that who we hire makes all the difference. At Unparalleled Parking, it is crucial to us that we hire employees who are willing and able to commit to the same level of professionalism that we aim for as a company. We also train our employees to ensure that across the board everyone we come in contact with receives consistent care and service. In everything from how we answer the phone, to how our valets present themselves, even how we handle accidental damage, professionalism is extremely important to us.

Service Excellence

We stop at nothing to provide you and your guest’s excellent service because we deeply value hospitality. It starts when you call us, you will always be answered by a real staff person, not a recording or an answering service. Our valets are dressed professionally, whether in a polo or a jacket with our logo, or your preferred uniform. When rare accidents do happen, we have an in-house claims department to handle it swiftly and efficiently. We work hard and tirelessly to give your guests the same quality of experience you provide when they walk through your doors. You will love to work with a valet parking provider you know you can trust with your guests and their vehicles.

Unparalleled Valet Service

There’s no valet company with a great value quite like Unparalleled Parking, which is why we are in restaurants throughout the Twin Cities! We would be proud to provide nothing short of excellent valet parking services at your restaurant, whether everyday or for a special event. Once you work with Unparalleled, you won’t ever look to anyone else for valet service!

To connect with us and discuss how we can meet your restaurant’s valet needs, reach us by phone at 651-300-1515.