Regardless of the type of private party you’re having, or how many guests you expect to come, valet parking is a classy touch that can take your event to the next level. Don’t worry about guests trying to find a spot to park their car when you provide high-class service they can trust from Unparalleled Parking.

We strive to provide above and beyond service for clients at every price point. We are the preferred valet parking provider for all types of private parties throughout the Twin Cities, because of the level of service we commit to providing. Hosts know that they can trust us with their guests’ vehicles.

Why Unparalleled Valet Parking Service?

We have been in the business of parking cars at private parties in the Twin Cities for over a decade. In that time, we have learned a lot and perfected the art of being a valet service provider for private parties. We know the challenges many hosts face, and we know how to avoid the issues many other valet companies face, as well. Those are just a few reasons that our service stands out from the rest, some others include:

  • Our Own High Standards
  • Our Level of Professionalism
  • Superior Hospitality
  • Expert Staff

Our Own High Standards

We hold ourselves accountable to meeting our own high standards. It’s the only way we’re able to provide consistently high-quality service to guests at private parties and other events we staff. Our employees are committed to working as a team to go above and beyond for our clients, striving to always be the best and always improve the service we provide. We work to stay one step ahead of the rest, and it shows.

Our Level of Professionalism

It all starts when you call us – you won’t be answered by an operator or a recorded answering service. Instead, you get a real person on the phone. From there, you can expect nothing but the best! Our valets are always professionally dressed and come outfitted with great attitudes to provide your guests service with a smile. We know the car is a very personal space, so we treat each vehicle with the same respect we show its owner. In the rare and unfortunate event of an accident, we have an internal claims department to handle all the insurance and repair arrangements in a quick and efficient manner. See, we do everything with high-quality customer service in mind.

Superior hospitality

We believe in hospitality that just doesn’t stop. We want to help provide your guests with a wonderful experience, from the moment they drive up to your party. We are committed to going the extra mile which is what our clients love about us. We are more than happy to work with our clients to provide what they need in a valet service and make sure it fits in their budget. Some people think they can’t afford a valet service for their party, but they haven’t found us. We work with all price points because we’re all about service.

Expert Staff

To make all of this happen, we know we need to have staff members that are on board with our mission of superior hospitality, professionalism, and high standards. That’s why we only hire individuals that are willing to go above and beyond for our clients, and provide service with a smile. Not only our valets, but our managers are dedicated to giving you the best valet service there is in the Twin Cities. After over ten years in the industry, we are knowledgeable in what we do. We are the valet parking company you can trust with your keys.

Unparalleled Valet Parking Service

For a valet company you trust to provide professional parking for guests at your next private party, there’s nowhere else to look than Unparalleled Parking! To discuss the services we can provide and how they fit with your event, give us a call at 651-300-1515.