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As a hospital, your number one priority is no doubt patient care. From the quality of your nurses to the technology you employ, each and every facet of your business is geared toward making the stays of those you serve more comfortable, no matter their walk of life. So why doesn’t this mentality apply to your parking?

Though some of your patients might arrive at your facilities via an ambulance, many more will do so by their own vehicles. Finding parking in the midst of a medical emergency is something nobody should have to deal with, especially when it comes to the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas, which can be mazes to those unfamiliar with the area. Even in non-emergency situations, valet parking services can prove useful, as your concerned visitors and clients with mobility issues appreciate the service just as much as anyone else.

Hiring a hospital valet parking service for hospital parking management shows that you genuinely care about your patients’ welfare and their emotional states, something that does good things for your hospital’s public image. In an era in which healthcare facilities are all the more competitive with one another, you need the help of valet parking services to give your hospital an edge.

Valet parking services also enable patients to get treatment quicker. Again, not all patients will call an ambulance in a dire situation, and anyone who works in healthcare will say that time is of the essence when it comes to emergency procedures. If a patient or those who accompany them waste precious time trying to park their cars, your staff can miss that crucial window to bring the patient back from the brink. Investing in hospital valet parking services is not just a PR builder; it indirectly saves lives.

Are you interested in a hospital valet parking service or hospital parking management? Only the best will do, but luckily you’ve found a valet company that provides exactly that kind of service: Unparalleled Parking.

As A Hospital Valet Parking Service, We Truly Are Unparalleled

  • Professionalism is our strong suit | When it comes to Twin Cities valet companies, we are highly recommended. Our drivers must meet strict performance standards and undergo extensive background checks. Do business with a valet company that’s always on time and on point!
  • We understand our role, and we play it well | Patient care and hospitality are our top priority. We understand how our services reflect on your organization and influence the quality of your patients’ stays, and we work hard to make a great impression with every patient.
  • Attentiveness permeates everything we do | We aren’t just in the business of serving your patients, we’re also in the business of serving you. We take great care to understand exactly what you’re looking for before we get to work. Just as every patient is an individual, every hospital is unique. Through client-focused service, we can effectively synergize with your business.

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