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Why Self-Parking Cars Won’t Replace Valet Parking

Type in the word “self-parking cars” in Google and get ready for a library’s worth of reading. Just five years ago the industry was smirking at the idea of autonomous vehicles. Now we’ve gone from autonomous driving to autonomously find that right parking space...or something like that.

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Security Tip: What to Do If You Lose Your Parking Claim Ticket

Your valet parking claims ticket is the insurance you have that you - and only you - will be getting in your car and driving home tonight. Without the ticket, it becomes a bit more challenging to verify which vehicle belongs to you (challenging, but not impossible). The problem, however, doesn’t begin when you lose your ticket. The real problem starts when someone else finds your ticket, picks it up, and claims your car. Therefore, all someone has to do is present the ticket, pay for the parking, get in the car, and drive away. Below are some steps you can take to secure your car just in case you lose your parking claim ticket.

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How Limited Parking Can Hurt Your Business

Many of the most successful businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul establish their reputations on superb customer service that thinks of everything - including where their guests will first step out of the car. If you’re one of those businesses that have a great product and an excellent service, but poor parking, there’s a good chance your doors may not be open for very long. It may not be your fault. Maybe your location is great for pedestrians but not so great for parking. If so, Unparalleled Parking is your answer. We provide flexible valet parking for businesses that have limited parking.

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5 Things to Remember Before Handing Your Car to a Valet

One of the most irritating and challenging mishaps that can occur at an event is to leave your car with us, walk into the building, and ten minutes later, realize you left something. For your sake, it’s better to remember to take everything you intended to bring with you so that you don’t have to say to your friends, “I’ll be right back!”. Below are five of the essential items you can keep with you at all times so that you don’t have to come back to our valet attendant.

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