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Qualities of a Good Valet Driver

We all learn how to park a car in driver’s ed; it’s a legally required part of getting a license, after all. You might think that just about anyone who can drive a car can work in valet parking services. It’s easy, right? All you have to do is drive from Point A to Point B a few times and then the shift is over.

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Preparing to Use a Valet Service

You’ve prepared for your event in every way possible: ordered the decorations, planned an itinerary, wrangled a catering service… you’ve even made the smart decision and hired a valet company to manage the chaos that will be parking in Minneapolis. You’re all set to sit back and relax until the event happens, right?

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How Hiring a Valet Service Can Actually Make You Money

You’re a restaurant or hotel owner. You’ve looked over the budget for next year and feel your heart sink—profits are a lot slimmer than you’d hoped. You might have to let some employees go in the very near future, or you might have to give salary cuts to yourself and other workers.

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Does your Restaurant Need a Valet Service?

No matter what kind of restaurant you own or what kind of food you serve, you always want what’s best for your guests—and, of course, what’s best for your pocketbook. Efficient, kindly, and overall comforting service for your guests is number one on your mind. After all, people attend restaurants for a warm, freshly-cooked meal and to remove the stress of cooking for the night; the better you can fulfill those expectations by taking care of your guests, the better.

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