Valet parking is a convenient option for many drivers looking for parking in crowded, urban areas. Not only does it save drivers time, but it also eliminates the frustration of searching for a vehicle among hundreds of parking spaces. But while it can be a valuable service for many, there are also risks to consider when using this type of service. Unparalleled Parking knows how important your patrons’ vehicles are, which is why we do everything in our power to keep them safe. If you plan on using streetside valet parking, keep these safety tips in min —they might just save you the frustration of unnecessary expenses.


1. Protect Valuable Possessions

When using a streetside valet parking service, it’s a good idea to valets remind patrons to remove their valuable possessions. Leaving vehicles unattended in a crowded, urban area can be dangerous, even if you choose to use valet parking services. Numerous people will be traversing sidewalks, and if there are valuables in customers’ vehicles, they stand a chance of losing them to unscrupulous individuals. While Unparalleled Parking does everything in our power to keep vehicles and possessions safe, your patrons must take precautions, too.


2. Potential Vehicle Damages

No matter how well someone parks a car, there’s always the potential for damages. Professional valet parking services, like Unparalleled Parking, carry insurance for their entire team which covers your vehicle in the event of an accident. As a business owner, however, you should have insurance, too. Should any incidents occur, you’ll want to be sure you are fully covered to avoid repercussions from angry customers. You’ll want to confirm that your valet company has adequate insurance and has an extensive track record of success.


3. Can Your Valets Drive a Stick Shift?

Some valets aren’t adept at operating vehicles with manual transmissions. If your patrons have stick shifts, you may want to check with the valet parking service to determine if their employees know how to operate manual transmission vehicles. Failing to recognize that many people don’t know how to drive stick shifts could set your patrons’ vehicles up for problems when it comes to parking. A valet who doesn’t know how to operate a stick shift may end up getting their first lesson while parking your customers’ cars.


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