Security is always an inherent concern with valet parking service. The idea that your vehicle is safe with others is somewhat unnerving to some motorists. Unparalleled Parking is sensitive to this matter. We develop strategies to combat security issues that can arise from business events or weddings to keep your cars safe. We carefully go over the event with the hosts to see where the possible gaps are in security and how we can partner with you to solve the issue.


Is Your Car Safe With Our Drivers?

Absolutely! We vet each of drivers by performing criminal background checks and driving records. We also personally train each driver in the best valet and parking practices in the industry. We also instill in each of our attendants and drivers the value of ethics, honesty, and trust when someone places their vehicle in our hands. Rest assured, our drivers are professional and do their job with absolute integrity.


On-Site Parking Security Concerns

What happens to your guests’ vehicles once we park them? This something you should think about as you host your event. Here are some questions you may need to answer:


●        Is the event in a safe area of town?

●        Is there a perimeter around the parking area?

●        Is the parking area conducive to parking?

●        Will there be a need for a security guard in addition to valet parking service?

●        Is the valet area vulnerable to ‘drive-by’ muggings or theft?


Street Safety / Collision Prevention

The city of Minneapolis has specific guidelines for providing valet attendant areas in front of a building if the cars are unloading directly off the street. For details, you can visit the website. The purpose of the regulations is to ensure that you have adequate room to set up a valet service off the street if you’re in the downtown area. The provisions apply to both business owners and private property owners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. When providing valet, we need to make sure that both our staff are safe at their attendant podium and your guests are protected from street traffic when exiting or entering their vehicle.


Additional Security Considerations

In addition to standard safety and security concerns, we also go over some other items that you may want to think about. For instance:


●        Is the parking area well lit? Can the drivers see well enough to park the cars?

●        Are there security cameras set up to protect both drivers and guests?

●        What is the system for validating vehicle ownership upon exiting the event?

●        What about those with specific needs or disabilities?

●        Are the private event valet company staff safe while doing their job?


Schedule Valet Parking Service for Your Upcoming Event

Unparalleled Parking provides complete valet parking service for all businesses, organizations, and private parties in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of customer service for high-end events. If you want to give your guests the added touch they’d appreciate, then schedule us for your upcoming party, gala, or wedding. Call us at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at