If you are a wedding planner, then it can already be assumed you are super busy as wedding season approaches. If you’re making plans to hire a valet parking service in Minneapolis, let us help you with all the details of making sure your valet service is as successful as the rest of the wedding.

Below is a quick guide to help you plan your valet parking for your upcoming wedding this season.


This may sound like a negative statement, but it is actually a saving grace. In our several years of experience, we have discovered that things go wrong with valet parking when all parties do not consider or plan for the worst possible scenario. For instance:

●        What happens if twice as many guests arrive than originally planned? Where will they park? Can the facilities handle more guests?

●        Who is responsible if a car is damaged? Is it the valet service or someone else—and under what circumstances?

●        Who will pay the insurance costs and ensure the guest’s vehicle gets repaired?

●        Who do you trust to communicate with the valet parking service company? Who makes those kinds of decisions in your wedding planner company?

●        What system do you have set up to manage and secure keys?

●        What happens if a guest is too intoxicated to drive?

Unparalleled Parking can help you answer these questions and find solutions to possible issues in advance of the big day. We can bring you peace of mind by working out the details so you can focus on other plans.


Make sure your wedding party can afford a valet parking service, and budget accordingly. One of the first things we do when we sit down with you is discuss our packages and our rates.

We typically offer valet parking service in Minneapolis for high-end, luxury-style events. Many of our clients are corporations, large organizations, fancy restaurants, and hotels, as well as luxury wedding clients. They value our services and see them as an investment. Therefore, we can help you create a workable budget for your high-end wedding event.


We offer both valet parking and transportation services to and from your event. We can transport your entire wedding party or even pick up guests from the hotel or airport. We can map out your entire route and accommodate as many rides as you need. We offer SUVs, limousines, and luxury vehicles. All of our vehicles are well-maintained, safe, and our drivers are certified and insured.


When we say in advance, we generally mean that you should reserve your valet or transportation service six to twelve months in advance. Although you should never hesitate to call on our services, by the time April comes around, we are generally booked for wedding season.

Call us anyway, and let us try to accommodate your wedding event. We are always here to help you make the most of your upcoming wedding.


We just mentioned hiring services far in advance, but the same goes for planning where exactly it is you’re going to park. When you’re orchestrating everything else related to multiple big days, after all, it tends to get lost in the shuffle. We dive into exactly how to plan this with the help of your valet company in our blog, so check it out to make sure your current situation checks all the boxes!

The short version, though, is that a lot goes on before your hired drivers show up to the venue on the big day. For one, the route which they take must be predetermined so as to ensure it’s as efficient as possible. Where to park the vehicles themselves is also a point of interest, as the area must not be overcrowded, yet also must be within easy reach of the venue and enable a streamlined entrance of guests. Certain slots might even need to be reserved for VIP guests!

Luckily, the right valet company can help you out with all of this. By operating as an extension of the wedding planning team, they can get parking settled in a snap.


Brides, a wedding news publication, cites a whopping ten different dress codes for weddings—and even between these categories there’s a far bit of play. A cocktail dress, it states, can fit into its own category of dress, but can also be worn to black-tie affairs if it’s fancy enough. If you’re a wedding guest picking out your outfit, deciphering dress codes is stressful enough; your valet company’s crew of drivers will appreciate it if you don’t leave them hanging!

Far ahead of time, discuss with your valet company how you wish for their drivers to dress, behave, and speak with guests. Some weddings are all formalities, while others are relaxed, laughter-filled affairs, even before the reception gets going. Letting your company know what to expect before the big day sets them—and your event—up for success.


To make your wedding the one everyone will be talking about, hire Unparalleled Parking for complete valet parking service. We offer valet parking for businesses, corporate events, private parties, and weddings. We will schedule your date in advance and go over the details so that your wedding goes exactly as planned.

To reserve your wedding date, call our Minneapolis office today at 651-300-1515, or message us at info@yourvaletguys.com.