Happy New Year! With the start of a new calendar year and a new decade at that, it’s the perfect time to make big changes in your life. Big changes generally require faith in fate and a little extra determination in order to take the leap, but you’ll find plenty of that around this time of year. After all, it’s the season of resolutions.


If one of your resolutions is to find a better job, you’re not alone. Many people are unsatisfied with their careers for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it’s the fear of finding a new job or the fear of change that’s kept you stuck in your current position. Are you scared that you wouldn’t like a new job? Are you terrified you’ll end up in a business with horrible company culture? Nervous that you wouldn’t be good in a new position?


Regardless, if you’re looking into changing careers, as a Minneapolis valet company, our team at Unparalleled Parking wants to make the process as easy as we can. Learn a bit about the fast-paced job of working for a valet company below to see if it could be right for you!

Valet Parking Service: For Those Who Love to Serve

As the name implies, working for this type of transportation company is, indeed, a service job. For people who love brightening the days of others, working for a valet parking service company like us could be a great fit! The job also is fast-paced and demands a degree of versatility when it comes to your driving skills. You’ll need to be able to, or be willing to, learn to drive both stick shifts and automatics to a predetermined parking spot, and you’ll need to do it safely and efficiently.


Does this sound like something you could see yourself doing? Unparalleled Parking is always looking for drivers who:


●        Are passionate | As a valet driver, you play an integral role in creating the event of a lifetime for someone. Understanding this role and the influence it can have is a must for working here at Unparallelled Parking.

●        Are cheerful | With our happy company culture, this is rarely difficult! Think of coming to work with us as something that can make you cheerful. We care about our employees the same way we expect those employees to care about our customers.

●        Are ready to learn | Just like with every career, nobody is born with all of the exact skills required to be an amazing valet driver. Worry not—if you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach.


Come Work with Us!

We’re always ready to share the joy that is valet driving with anyone who qualifies. Give us a call now at 651-300-1515.