The limousine is a near-universal symbol of luxury and high-class. Taking a ride in one can no doubt up the ante of any event, no matter if it’s a school dance to a wedding. If you want your guests to ride in style and feel pampered, then renting a limo from a transportation company like Unparallelled Parking is definitely the way to go. Yes, despite our name, we’re much more than a valet company, as we also offer more individualized transportation services and valet lockout services.


But, back to limos. What kinds of events might you need one for? If you’re considering a limo for a special group of people, you might worry about it may make you stand out from the crowd. While there are a few things to think about before hiring a limo driver, as a valet parking service, we can definitely say that limos are a lot less limited than you might think.


Read on to hear a Minneapolis valet service’s take on this high-end vehicle.

It’s Time to Stop Seeing Standing Out as a Bad Thing

When it comes to special events, there’s a time to blend in and a time to stand out. Limos are absolutely perfect for transporting a group of people who knows it’s their time to shine. If you’re attending an event where you’ll be the star, why not own that role and make a grand entrance in a limousine? Go ahead, splurge a little! For one day and one time only, you’ll be the absolute center of attention. It will feel so good to make the most of it.


A limousine is a phenomenal mode of transportation for:


●        A quinceañera or a sweet-sixteen birthday party | Let your loved one feel like a princess on her special day with a limo service. Depending on the tone of the party, transporting the birthday girl and her quinceañera court or her close friends to the event venue in a limo can be a great way to make an entrance. You should probably hire a valet parking service too while you’re at it!

●        A school dance | Limos are perfect for prom and other formal school affairs. Set the tone for a night of romance and adventure with an unmistakably fancy ride.

●        When you’re hosting a VIP guest | Want that important client or ambassador to feel welcome? Show you care by making their ride to your company a luxurious, relaxing experience. Hire a limousine service!  After all that traveling, the respite will be much appreciated, and think about how well it will reflect on your company and your values.


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