The snow has melted, the birds are singing. Spring is in the air, and it’s such a welcome thing in the Twin Cities, especially after our notoriously long and harsh winter season. We don’t blame you if you’re feeling a little anxious to get outside and explore all the city has to offer. In fact, we encourage you to get to know our wonderful cityscape a bit more! As a widely used valet company in the area, Unparalleled Parking has been to every nook and cranny of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. We know the Twin Cities contain their fair share of hidden gems, and spring is the perfect time to go out and find them.

However, don’t let your excitement get the better of you, especially when it comes to driving. Even though the roads are no longer icy, warm spring weather brings its fair share of new hazards that every responsible driver must learn to negotiate or avoid. As one of the safest valet parking services around, we’re pros at driving safely in a myriad of conditions, and we’d be happy to share our skills with you. Below, we’ll brief you on a few unique problems that tend to crop up in the spring, as well as the safest ways to handle them.

Slow and Careful is the Name of the Game!

As a provider of Minneapolis valet services, our drivers are always ready to run fast and drive slow. While during your day-to-day commute you probably won’t be doing a lot of running (Unless you’re late!), driving safely is still crucial during any season. In spring, all sorts of things can pop out at you:

●        Pedestrians. We all know how lovely a nice spring walk can be, especially if you bring your kids along. However, we all also know that kids can be unpredictable. As a driver, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye out for pedestrian activity. Stop at all crosswalks, check all your mirrors, and generally be mindful of your surroundings.

●        Animals. As the weather warms, more animals will be active. Even more unpredictable than kids, animals running into the road can not only injure themselves, but other incautious drivers as well. Slow down and never drive distracted.

●        Careless drivers. There’s something about the spring air that just gives everyone a little extra energy. Young drivers and those who are careless can behave recklessly. Keep an eye on any driver who seems to be driving aggressively, and don’t be afraid to report them to the authorities if you witness unlawful behavior.

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