Spring is right around the corner, so that means Minnesota residents will soon be deep cleaning their carpets, clearing out their basements and attics, washing their walls and scrubbing their floors. Yes, spring cleaning is synonymous with the nicer weather and warmer temperatures. But while many people focus on the inside of the home during this annual period of cleaning and cleansing, it’s always a good idea to add one more chore to your spring cleaning list – cleaning your car.


Here’s a look at five spring cleaning tips:

1.       Wash the seats/console: Use a damp cloth and wipe down the seats of your vehicle to get rid of any stains, dirt or other debris embedded in the fabric. You can also use a cloth to wipe down the consoles or you can choose to do this with a specialty product. You’ll be surprised what a difference this makes, as lots of dust tends to build up on the console.

2.       De-clutter: Clutter isn’t just unsightly, it can also add weight to your vehicle. This can impact your fuel economy. So grab a trash bag and get rid of any junk that’s lying around, while also removing any unnecessary items from the vehicle.

3.       Wash and wax: Winter can do a number to a car, with the salt and snow grime. So make sure you give your car a good, thorough washing to get all of this off its body. Though optional, you can also give your vehicle a good waxing to really help it stand out.

4.       Vacuum it: After you wash the seats and wipe down the console, be sure to vacuum up the floor. Get underneath the mats to really get all of the dirt, debris and snow salt up and out of your vehicle.

5.       Wash the windows: You should be washing the exterior of the windows as you wash your vehicle, but don’t forget about washing the interior of these windows either. Grab some window cleaner and paper towel and get all the fingerprints and smudges off from the inside. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes.


While having a clean car can certainly make you feel good about your ride and help impress others, vehicle cleanliness is something that we pride ourselves on when it comes to our valet service and how we operate as a company. Whether our customers are hiring us as a wedding valet, event valet or just to impress a date for a special night out on the town, our Twin Cities valet service has you covered with safe, reliable and meticulously clean and cared for transportation.


For more information on spring cleaning tips for your own personal vehicle or to book us for your next event or night on the town, contact us today. We’re experts in how to clean cars because it’s a key element of our valet service. And it’s an element that doesn’t go unnoticed by our guests.