As the weather cools down, you might be traveling fewer miles each day or month in your vehicle, but it’s no less important to practice vehicle maintenance tips. This is especially true because the fall holidays are fast approaching, and you might have a few longer trips on the horizon. You want to keep your family safe and arrive at your destination without any mishaps or paying for unexpected vehicle repairs.


Vehicle Maintenance Tips for the Fall

From how you drive to how you park, there are certain things you can do to protect your automobile, extend its life, and keep your passengers safe. Incorporate the following vehicle maintenance tips now and throughout the fall:


1.      Battery - Any car parts store can test your car’s battery life, usually for free! Better to check than to have your car die during a trip.

2.      Tire Pressure - A vehicle maintenance tips list wouldn’t be complete without a tire pressure check. Always measure pressure before driving, when the tires are “cold.” Also be aware that actual cold tires are 1-2 lbs less pressure for every 10 degree drop in temperature.

3.      Fluids - Check the washer, transmission, brake, and power steering fluids and lines. As a habit, practice this vehicle maintenance tip every time you get the oil changed.

4.      Heating/Cooling - Play with your internal car temperature to see that the HVAC system is working properly. It’s also important for defrosting as the weather turns chilly.

5.      Tread - Don’t simply check a single tire or single place on a tire’s tread when running through these vehicle maintenance tips. Tires don’t always wear evenly. If the tread is too bare or uneven, new tires or a tire rotation could be necessary.

6.      Wiper Blades - Wiper blades wear quickly. Even if you don’t use them often, weather wears them down. Get them replaced heading into the wintry weather so that you can keep a clear windshield.

7.      Lights - Some vehicle maintenance tips require grabbing a friend. Turn on the interior and exterior lights and have your friend give you the thumbs up that everything works, including blinkers and brakes.

8.      Listen - Other vehicle maintenance tips are common instinct, such as listen to your running vehicle to hear any strange noises. Roll down the windows while the weather is still nice to tune into the outside noises you might not otherwise hear.

9.      Oil and Air Filters - While getting an oil change, have the filters checked. Why not?

10.  Under the Hood - Even if you don’t know anything about engines or vehicles, you can visually see cracks, leaks, wobbles, and loose pieces. Just make sure your engine is cool and your car is turned off.


Unexpected Vehicle Maintenance Tips

If you’ve already completed the vehicle maintenance tips above, that’s a great start! But don’t forget the less expected avenues for vehicle maintenance such as:


●        Car Wash - Having your vehicle cleaned on the outside helps you see potential problems easier, such as low tire tread, a loose side mirror, or a bent door latch.

●        Car Detailing - Likewise, having your vehicle cleaned on the inside helps with your awareness of problems, too. Funny smells might be an indication of something wrong under the hood or in the HVAC system.

●        Valet Parking - Hate driving and parking as the weather gets colder? Many places in Minneapolis offer exclusive valet services that go above and beyond.


Unparalleled Parking is one of those valet companies that goes above and beyond, offering security for your vehicle in every season and practicing vehicle maintenance tips so that your car comes back to you in optimal condition. Find out more about Unparalleled Parking by calling (651) 300-1515.