Quinceañera Planning: A Proud Tradition

A Quinceañera isn’t just a birthday party or celebration; it’s the party and the celebration that will welcome your daughter into her adult life while maintaining the proud traditions of your culture. It’s a time when you pull out all the stops to give your daughter a fairy tale day, complete with delicious food, graceful dances, and familial blessings.


Every woman wants to be treated like and feel like a princess. You have the opportunity to make those dreams come true through proper Quinceañera planning!


A Quinceañera Planning Checklist

For such an important, anticipated day, it’s not uncommon to start planning details a year or several months in advance. Even if you have hired a Quinceañera planning coordinator, it’s good to maintain your own checklist for peace of mind that everything will be perfect!


●        Venue - One of the first and most pressing concerns of Quinceañera planning is the venue. You may choose to host the evening at a church, hotel, or formal ballroom. It largely depends on your guest list, planning activities, and budget.

●        Guest List / Invitations - Make your list far in advance and send the invitations asap! After all, you want everyone to be able to show up and help you celebrate this momentous occasion. Be sure to include a mandatory RSVP so that you can order an accurate amount of food and check guests at the door.

●        Dresses - Quinceañera planning wouldn’t be complete without a fantastic, sparkly dress! In fact, it’s not unusual to purchase several gowns for the birthday princess to wear during certain parts of the evening or specific dances.

●        Makeup / Hairdo - Practice the makeup and hairdo before the big day (even if you’ve hired a professional) to get it exactly right and time how long the process takes.

●        Shoes, Tiara, Jewelry - Don’t forget the accessories! The general opinion is the more bling, the better. Remember to plan to accessorize for several unique outfits during the night. Also, consider a pair of more comfortable flat shoes for dancing the night away!

●        Party Favors - With all of this great Quinceañera planning, your guests will want to remember the night, too! Invest in small party favors that guests can enjoy at or after the party, such as a personalized toasting glass.

●        Flowers - Flowers set a dazzling stage for the birthday girl. Be sure the colors and centerpieces go along with the party tone.

●        Bible and Rosary - Depending on your planned events and family traditions, these items might be needed.

●        Photographer - Save the memories of the Quinceañera by hiring a professional photographer to take candid and planned shots.

●        Cake - Cake is undoubtedly the most delicious part of Quinceañera planning. Much like a wedding cake, you can have one custom designed with several layers and decorations as unique as the birthday girl herself.

●        Band / DJ - Dancing is a critical part of the Quinceañera. From a formal waltz to an unplanned breakdancing battle, you want a band or DJ that fits your taste and style.

●        Caterer - With all of the dancing and excitement, your guests are sure to get hungry. Book a caterer at least 3 months in advance, if possible, and establish a line of contact for last-minute changes.


Quinceañera Planning: The Grand Entrance

All other Quinceañera planning aside, the grand entrance is the biggest moment for your daughter. It’s her introduction as a mature young woman, as well as a way to make a unique statement about who she is as a person.


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