A professional valet service might be the cherry on top of your summer holiday travel sundae. But before you can dig into a delicious vacation, you must first build it. The planning process is rough, and sometimes daunting. That’s why many people choose to have it all planned out for them by a travel agency. Others simply buy a package from a cruise line or theme park. But whatever your personal plans are and how you build them, there are still things you can do to make your trip more streamlined and, ultimately, much less stressful.


The UP Professional Valet Service Presents Tips for Summertime Travel

Unparalleled Parking is deeply rooted in the transportation industry. However, our professional valet service comes from valet drivers that have backgrounds across the country. Collectively, we’ve observed a lot about travel and quality service. We know what you expect, and we think you should be able to have the summer vacation you deserve. So next time you embark on a new adventure, take these travel tips along with you:


1.      Airport Shuttle vs Airport Taxi - Shuttles are always cheaper than taxis and can be booked in advance so that you aren’t hunting around for a ride. The professional valet service offered by Unparalleled Parking works the same way. If you arrange a time and place, we’ll pick you up and chauffeur you around the Twin Cities in style and elegance.

2.      Front vs Back of the Airplane - There are benefits to each side of the airplane. If you book a seat on the front half, you’ll board and deboard first which saves you time if you go through customs, etc. It also ensures that you will find a space for your carry-on bag. Booking a seat toward the back, however, often means that you are free from sitting in a cramped seat for the maximum amount of time before taking off. It also generally has less ambient noise if you want to sleep, etc.

3.      Flexible Vacation Time - A vacation around holidays such as the 4th of July, Labor Day, or Thanksgiving, is nice but typically more expensive. The increase in rates will appear in flights, hotels, and even event tickets. If you have the flexibility in your occupation and lifestyle, try to plan a vacation a few days before or after holidays or other peak times. You’ll be able to put that money toward dinners, luxury features (like using a professional valet service) or other excursions. To try this for flights, most websites have a +/-3 days feature.

4.      Train vs Airplane - Many people think of trains as being an outdated way to travel, but that’s untrue! Trains are more streamlined and reliable than airplanes. You can arrive at a train several minutes before it leaves. You don’t have to navigate security or check any bags. And trains are very rarely, if ever, delayed or canceled due to weather, etc. Not to mention that trains typically take you into the heart of the city, giving you a direct link to downtown hotels or other amenities. You could be a few minutes’ walk away from your hotel, where a professional valet service will happily haul your bags and welcome you with a smile.

5.      Managing Airline Delays and Cancellations - Delays and cancellations are one of the worst parts of travel to deal with, but there are several ways to reduce the frustration. First, book for early in the day, non-stop flights when possible. The earlier the flight, the easier you can jump on another one if there’s a cancellation. And non-stop flights eliminate the chance that you’ll miss a connection.

6.      Parking - Not every city is vehicle-friendly if you take your car on the road or rent a vehicle on your vacation. Navigating the streets may be challenge enough without trying to find parking structures and compare parking prices. Luckily, many prestigious restaurants and hotels offer a professional valet service to cut your stress and add a unique, personal touch.


Twin Cities Summer Travel

If you’re traveling within or have a destination in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area this summer, consider Unparalleled Parking for your chauffeur and parking needs. Ask your hotel, restaurant, or other destination if they provide professional valet service. That way, you can spend more time planning how to use your hard-earned vacation hours!