Wedding Tips: 5 Ways to Make Guests Feel Special


Are you planning a wedding in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area? Coordinating such a special event takes a lot of time and energy, and as the date draws nearer, it is not uncommon to feel pressure to ensure your guests have an enjoyable time on your special day. The Minneapolis area presents a lot of fun and unique ways to create a memorable experience for your wedding guests, rain or shine! Follow these tips and your closest friends will have a blast.

1. Make the event last more than just one day

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. Why not make the celebration last an entire weekend? Invite your closest friends out to a nice dinner prior to the wedding to begin the bonding process. Plan something fun and personal for the rest of the night, like a girls night in with wine and manicures or a Twins game downtown with the boys! Begin creating memories that last a lifetime, even before the big day arrives.

2. Make travel arrangements for your guests from out of town

Have family and friends traveling long distances to see you tie the knot? They are likely spending a lot of time and money to come celebrate with you on your big day. Make them feel appreciated! Recommend your favorite hotels and restaurants around the Twin Cities area to make their stay enjoyable. For guests flying into the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, arrange for their transportation. This can mean picking them up from the airport yourself of hiring professional drivers to get them to their hotel safely.

3. Create gift bags for the guests of your wedding

Send your loved ones home with a reminder of the wonderful time they had at your wedding. Create fun gift bags with customized goodies such as treats, golf balls, pencils, and coffee mugs neatly arranged in a colorful package. This will show them that you appreciate their presence and give them something fun to remember your big day.

4. Arrange for Valet Parking

This is a big one, especially in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Your guests will be dressed in their nicest attire to celebrate your wedding, so don’t make them weather the Minnesota elements! Hiring a professional valet service in the twin cities is a safe and efficient way to get your guests from their car and into your venue without the hassle of walking from distant parking spaces. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the act and feel like they are a valued part of the special occasion! Our event valet services team will work directly with you to coordinate your valet parking needs.

5. Send “Thank You” cards to your guests after the event

You had an unforgettable day, and your guests were a big part of making it that way. Let them know! Whether you are thanking them for gifts or simply their presence, sending personal, hand-written notes to each guest goes a long way in making them feel appreciated. Be sure to mention specific memories from the night to make it more heartfelt. Weddings are a fun time for everyone. Gathering with loved ones is a treat for not only the bride and groom, but the guests as well. Be sure to let your guests know that they are a big part of what makes your wedding such a special day!