No upscale event is complete without a Minneapolis valet service. Valet takes any ordinary event and turns it into a special occasion. Unparalleled Parking can help you plan out every detail of your event so that you’ll be ready to receive your guest when they arrive. Valet service is the perfect addition to almost any occasion. Below are some of our recommendations adding valet service.


1. Weddings

Weddings are among the most popular events for providing a valet parking service. And why not? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to add some class and style to your wedding. Unparalleled Parking is flexible enough to provide valet for both large and small weddings.


2. Restaurants

Valet parking is a standard for fine dining establishments that want to distinguish themselves. When you offer our valet parking service for your patrons, you show them that you value their business. It puts the finishing touches on a memorable dining experience.


3. Company Parties

Surprise your employees and make them feel special by hiring Unparalleled Parking for your next company party. They’ll never see it coming and they’ll love you for it. It’s a great way to show them how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication.


4. Small-Scale Concerts or Performances

Concertgoers always dread trying to find a parking spot and then walking several blocks to get to the venue. You can make it easier all attendees by offering valet parking. They can pull right up to the venue, get out, and find their seat in time for the show to start.


5. Fundraising Event

We can help you make a little extra money for your fundraiser by offering valet parking for a nominal fee to each guest. They’ll love the convenience of walking right up to the door, and won’t mind paying to help you out with your charity or cause.


6. VIP Parking

No matter what event you’re hosting, some people will be willing to pay for the added convenience of getting out at the door. We provide valet lockout services for exclusive access to premier parking areas. Separate your VIPs from your other guests just by offering valet.


7. Art Gallery Premier Exhibition

Minneapolis boasts some of the most prestigious art galleries in the country. Every time a premier happens, it’s always one of the hottest tickets in towns. Top it off with valet parking. It’s the perfect accent to a night of artistic elegance.


8. Private Parties

Are you expecting lots of guests at your next private party? Unparalleled Parking can take your event to the next level with a custom valet service that’s perfect for your occasion. We can help you designate exactly where you want your guests to park and provide you with all the equipment and accessories you need.


Unparalleled Parking is Ready to Schedule Your Event

Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your next event. Contact Unparalleled Parking today and we can get you on our calendar. We provide upscale valet parking services in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. We offer valet for all types of events in the area. Call us today at 651-300-1515.