Parking at night can be both challenging and dangerous. If your business is located downtown in the Twin Cities metro area, it complicates matters. Dimly lit areas, high levels of traffic, and small parking spaces can turn a parking area into a dangerous place. The solution is to hire a valet parking service to help your clients get in and out of their cars. There are several benefits to using a professional service during evening hours. Let’s take a closer look.


Higher Crime in the Metro Area

Drive into any metropolitan area, and you’ve already placed yourself in a vulnerable position. Crime rates rise after the sun goes down. A dark or secluded parking area can provide opportunities for criminals to engage in unlawful and dangerous activity. If you want to keep your clients safe and your business open, we recommend hiring Unparalleled Parking to receive your guests and park their cars for them.


Parking Hazards

Not everyone has the experience and training it takes to park in dark areas. Headlights only provide partial lighting. A valet company solves this dilemma. Your guests can place their cars in the hands of seasoned valet staff who have parked in these conditions hundreds of times. No matter what type of vehicle we drive, we can ensure that it arrives safely in a parking space anywhere in town. It takes the stress away from your clients who may not know where to park or how to navigate their vehicles in tight, dark spaces.


Your Business is Safer From the Car to the Door

When your customers pull up, we greet them with a smile and warm greeting. They can step out of the car and walk straight to the door. This process makes your establishment a safer place to be because it eliminates the risk of crime or collision while your guests are getting out of the vehicle. Most valet areas are in wide open public spaces where thieves or criminals avoid for fear of getting caught.


You Establish Your Reputation as Caring for Your Guests

Providing valet parking already elevates your business’ reputation to that of a caring establishment. Your guests will feel appreciated and safe. The public perception is that you are a business that cares about your clients. You understand the dangers of operating in a metro area, and you respond accordingly.


Professional Valet Parking Service in Minneapolis

Have you reserved valet parking for your upcoming spring or summer event? Unparalleled Parking offers complete valet parking for businesses and event planners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. We can tailor our services to your corporate party, wedding, or community event. To reserve a date, contact us at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at