Minneapolis is a great place to live with a thriving community full of arts, great restaurants, and nearly limitless things to do downtown. One major con of the whole downtown experience is parking! The stress of finding a parking place can diminish a wonderful experience. Unparalleled Parking provides valet services to your customers to increase their satisfaction at your venue while reducing the stress of finding that elusive parking spot.


Parking Issues in Metro Minneapolis

In the last three years alone, the Twin Cities metro area has lost over 2,400 private parking spaces due to parking garage tear-towns. City officials are intentionally holding back parking garage construction permits to reduce traffic in the metro area. With street parking fees jumping to as high as $15 per spot during peak times, turning to a valet service not only reduces the stress of trying to find a spot, but is also cost effective.


Valet Service Solves Parking Issues

By utilizing a valet service, you can provide your customers the convenience of drive-up and get-out service while helping solve the city’s parking issues. When you use a valet service, you can use an off-site parking area that is out of the metro parking area. Your customers have the convenience of driving to the door of your business. You become a good corporate citizen of the metro area by alleviating the need of the customer to clog the streets parking to get to your business.


Valet Services are Cost Effective

Truth is, your metro area business suffers when customers cannot get to you without parking blocks, even miles away. They choose to go to more convenient locations without the parking issue. You can increase your business in a very cost-effective way by offering our valet parking services to your customers. More business equals more profit. Our valet service will pay for itself through increased business. Your customers will appreciate your consideration of their time and comfort.


Customer Safety and Comfort with Valet Services

No one wants to park and then walk several blocks through potentially dangerous areas. Furthermore, the weather of the Twin Cities area is not always conducive for a stroll from the parking garage to your business. Our valet services can provide safety, convenience, and comfort to your customer, making them want to give you repeat business.


Valet Services in the Twin Cities Area

Unparalleled Parking can solve parking issues for your customers in the metro area of Minneapolis. Look to us for the comfort, safety, and convenience of your customers and repeat business. We can provide a cost-effective valet service solution for your business in the metro area. For more information on our valet services, give us a call at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at info@yourvaletguys.com.