Are you planning to add valet parking to your upcoming event? With planning and organization, valet parking can add a touch of class that your guests will appreciate.


If you need help working out the valet parking, Unparalleled Parking can meet with you and go over all the details. We offer comprehensive valet parking service for all types of events and business establishments throughout Minneapolis.


When you partner with Unparalleled Parking, you can feel confident knowing that the valet service is taken care of.

Provide Valet Parking Tickets

Unparalleled Parking provides claim tickets for each driver. This will relieve the stress of helping people park and find their vehicles.


Valet tickets offer a more secure solution for helping people find their cars. We simply hand out the ticket to the guest. When they are ready to leave, they give us the ticket, and we retrieve their car.


For an added touch, you can get customized valet tickets for your event. We can design your tickets any way you want them.

Have a Backup Plan If It Rains

Don’t let inclement weather ruin your plans. Unparalleled Parking can set up a weatherproof canopy or car tent for guests to walk under when they exit their cars.


A canopy can keep out the rain and snow. It keeps your guests from slipping when they step out of the car. Both men and women will also appreciate that their clothes and hair are not ruined by the rain.

Arrange Your Parking Accordingly

If you want to provide enough space for valet parking, we recommend considering three factors:


●        Space per vehicle. Providing plenty of parking space per vehicle allows us to get in and out of cars more quickly without the threat of slamming doors into the car next to us.


●        Total parking area. Do you have enough space for all your guests? We recommend that you send out the guest list and then designate 30% extra space just in case.


●        Parking lanes. Is there enough room for two vehicles to pass each other in the lane? The ability to easily drive through a parking lane will help us to operate more efficiently, thus, serve your guests more effectively.

Offer VIP Parking

If your guests do not know that you are providing valet parking, then they are likely to park on their own. In some instances, it may work. Most of the time, however, rogue parking can disrupt the valet system and cause a disruption in the flow of parking or a bottleneck in traffic.


When making your invitations, be sure to include that valet parking is available (or mandatory, if necessary). With that in mind, Unparalleled Parking can also set aside certain areas for valet parking and personal parking for individuals who insist on parking their own cars.

Plan Your Event With Unparalleled Parking

Add a touch of class to your next event by hiring Unparalleled Parking to handle all valet. We provide first-class valet service for home and business owners in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding


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