Today’s consumers are driven by research. The Internet has given them access to a wide range of information about your company, your competition, and the industry in which you operate. To succeed, your business needs to provide useful information without any filler. Potential customers are looking for the facts and nothing more.


Unparalleled Parking offers complete valet parking and transportation services for businesses and event planners in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We understand our customers’ needs and desires. Below is a guide to understanding how what customers are looking for and their expectations when reserving a valet company.

Building a Long-Term Business Relationship

Believe it or not, customers are loyal to businesses and like working with the same companies. Loyalty and trust are dependent upon a client’s overall experience. Today’s customers are looking for the following characteristics in a company:


●        Cost versus value

●        Timely and efficient service

●        Commitment to excellent customer service

●        Consistency and reliability

●        Following through with advertisements or promises

●        Transparency with rates, policies, and products


These elements build the customer-business relationship and sustain it for weeks, months, or years.

Attention to Detail

Any business that pays attention to the details of their product or service will often impress clients who are looking for the same things. A valet company should scrutinize every aspect of their business to find ways to impress their clients.


In an industry as competitive as valet parking, providing status quo service is no longer acceptable. Valet companies must find a ways to go above and beyond their competitors so that their clients are pleasantly surprised and not merely satisfied with their experience. Going above and beyond requires meticulous attention to detail.

Handling Points of Friction

There’s an equal and opposite force that should drive your marketing, job execution, and interaction with clients. It’s called friction, and it’s one of the top reasons why potential clients hesitate in committing to using your valet parking service.


Common sources of friction include:


●        Providing lengthy information that wears the potential client out

●        Offering a one-size-fits-all product or service

●        Lack of continuity in your communication or marketing

●        Failure to show the unique benefits and features of your service versus your competitor

●        Failure to listen to your client


Since friction is more or less a negative impact on the decision-making process of your prospect and will lead them towards a ‘no,’ finding the points of friction and removing them from the equation is likely to lead potential clients to a ‘yes.’ Therefore, you need to identify both the subtle and over points of friction.

Cognitive Dissonance

When the reader looks at your website, marketing materials, promotions, or other media, is there fluency throughout your message? Does your service or product make sense to the client? Can you defend your pricing, service structure, or policies and procedures?


If a client doesn’t understand the way your company operates, they will not trust you to meet their needs. So when you start structuring your service, pricing, or procedures, try to look at them through the prospect’s eyes. Just because you understand your business, doesn’t mean that everyone else does.

Valet Parking Services in Minneapolis

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