If you are hosting an event this winter and need valet parking, the first thing you need to think about is safety. Winter conditions can create multiple hazards that can strike at any time. The last thing you want to do is turn a memorable evening into a disaster. Unparalleled Parking makes safety a top priority. We can help you make sure that your parking facilities are hazard-free. Below are some of our safety tips for valet parking this winter.


Ice and Snow

Ice is the number one cause of parking accidents during the winter. Therefore, if you’re hosting an event, you need to clear the ice and snow from the premises. You can hire a professional company to remove the snow, or you can pour salt across on the pavement. Make sure you cover the entire property from the entrance to the valet area and the parking lot. Clearing the lot will keep everyone safe.


Non-Slip Surfaces

Even when you clear ice from the surface, the moisture can still make it slippery. We recommend providing a non-slip surface on both sides of the car so that when the guests exit the vehicle, their shoes will have something to grip. Non-slip surfaces are especially helpful for heeled shoes that may have slick souls. Grip surfaces reduce your liability when hosting guests at your wedding or holiday event.


Covered Valet Canopy

The winters in Minneapolis can include blizzards, ice storms, and heavy snow. Give your guests that added touch by providing a parking canopy or tent. Canopies can reduce the amount of precipitation that falls in the valet area. They are big enough for cars and trucks to drive through with plenty of room for passengers to exit the vehicle. They make it easier for our valet company to help your guests get from the car to the entrance.


Lighted Areas

Valet parking services are vital to the flow of traffic during an evening event. To improve efficiency and safety in the valet area, make sure there is adequate lighting. Ideally, you’ll want plenty of light that will illuminate the entrance area, valet area, and parking area. If it is snowing or sleeting outside our parking attendance could slip on the ice. Lighting will allow us to see the parking easier and get back to the valet podium without being injured.


Your Preferred Private Event Valet Company

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