Type in the word “self-parking cars” in Google and get ready for a library’s worth of reading. Just five years ago the industry was smirking at the idea of autonomous vehicles. Now we’ve gone from autonomous driving to autonomously find that right parking space...or something like that.


The concept of a self-parking car sounds good on paper. And it seems that it would do away with any need for valet service. After all, why pay someone to park your car for you, when you (or your car) can do it yourself? What looks good on paper, however, doesn’t quite ring the same melody once you consider what self-parking cars can’t do for an event or a wedding. Below we look at why valet is still a good investment for your business party or social event.


Nothing Can Replace a Personal Touch

People like to be greeted. People love to be welcomed. People want to feel special. So an empty curb with the doors closed and no one to take their keys or coats make your entry into your business feel cold and impersonal. Most people like the feeling of a being greeted by someone who has a big smile and a sincere demeanor. It’s worth the tip.


Who Wants to Park in Beta?

The first wave of self-parking cars will be akin to a Mac or Windows new operating system release. It’ll take months to work out the kinks. Meanwhile, unexplained fender benders are everywhere.


Unparalleled Parking offers valet from skilled and highly trained drivers who know how to park your car safely. When we drive away, you never have to guess if we’re going to make it to the parking space.


They Don’t Solve Efficiency and Customer Flow Issue

Can you imagine the horror that would happen if everyone tried to park their cars and retrieve them at the same time during an event? Self-Parking cars do not solve efficiency issues that would arise with the absence of a valet service. Lack of efficiency leads to lack of customer flow. The bottom line: a valet parking service keeps the money flowing. Self-Parking cars don’t.


Unparalleled Parking Offers Personalized Valet Service

Nothing beats personalized service from a friendly valet staff. This is why Unparalleled Parking is Minneapolis and St. Paul’s most trusted and preferred valet company. We offer high-end valet for all types of events in the Twin Cities area. We can help you find solutions for all your parking issues and keep your client flow moving with ease.

To schedule an upcoming event, contact us at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at info@yourvaletguys.com.