Your valet parking claims ticket is the insurance you have that you will be getting in your car and driving it home at the end of the night. Without the ticket, it becomes a bit more challenging to verify which vehicle belongs to you (challenging, but not impossible). However, the problem doesn’t begin when you lose your ticket. The real problem starts when someone else finds your ticket, picks it up, and claims your car. Therefore, all someone has to do is present the ticket, pay for the parking, get in the car, and drive away. Below are some steps you can take to secure your car just in case you lose your parking claim ticket.


Add an Extra Layer of Security

Our valet team is prepared to handle any additional requests you may have when you pull up to the valet station. For instance, you can add an extra layer of security to verify that a vehicle belongs to you. An example would be to write a codeword on a business card and attach it to your car keys. Just inform our attendant that there is a codeword connected to your keys. This way, any potential thieves have to go through multiple layers of security to claim the car.


What’s in the Glove Compartment?

One way you can verify your car belongs to you is to put something in the glove compartment (that is NOT valuable) that only you would know about. It could be a photo of yourself or a relic of your favorite sports team. Whatever it is, the item should leave no doubt that the car belongs to you. You can also place the item under the seat or in the trunk of the car. If you do have your registration and insurance information in the car, you can also use that information to back up your identity.


Contact Building Security

If you lost your valet ticket, there’s a good chance it’s still inside the facility. There’s also a chance that someone may have picked it up and reported it to the lost and found. You should call security or go to the front desk/security desk to see if the ticket has been turned in. You should also check every place you’ve been in the building. Security may also be able to help you confirm that the vehicle in question does indeed belong to you.


Prevent the Loss in the First Place

You should treat a valet ticket like it’s money. The second a valet attendant hands the ticket to you; you need to decide where the safest place is to put it. In most cases, the most reliable place is in your wallet that you slide into your inside jacket pocket or in your purse. Another possible secure location would be in the pocket of an overcoat that the inside attendant will hang up for you. That way, the ticket stays in one place the entire night. Wherever you decide to put the valet ticket, you need to check up on it at least a couple of times per night, and always make sure you have it before leaving the dinner table or bar.


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