Are you hosting a charity event in the Twin Cities metro area? Let Unparalleled Parking help you with your event by providing exceptional, high-end valet parking services for all your honored guests. Below, we’ll cover a few details that will help make your valet parking—and your event—successful.

Planning Your Valet Parking

Someone in your planning committee may be designated to contact us and schedule valet service. If so, we will sit down with this point of contact to go over all the details of the big event.


Planning is the most crucial part of a valet parking service. It usually involves a lot of elements, such as:


●        Location

●        Parking area size and dimensions

●        Date, time, and duration of service

●        Valet options

●        Transportation options

●        Safety and security

●        Weather considerations

●        Special needs or requests

●        Pricing and packages

●        Contracts and agreements


We encourage you to work out all of these details as soon as possible so that we can do our part to get everything ready. We also encourage you to reserve your valet parking for at least six to twelve months in advance. This allows everyone to properly plan for your special event.

Transportation Services

In addition to valet parking services, we also offer transportation services to and from the event. If you have special guests or honorees who will be attending the event, we can pick them up and transport them to any destination including the event. Transportation services we offer include:


●        Limousines

●        SUVs

●        Luxury vehicles

●        Buses & vans


All of our vehicles are well-maintained, safe, and high-end. Our drivers are well-trained, certified, and fully insured. You can feel confident that your guests will be picked up and dropped off in style.

Safety & Security

our top priority is always preserving the safety and security of your vehicles. Therefore, we take extra measures to ensure that all parties involved do their parts to mitigate any risks associated with valet parking service. What are some areas we cover?


●        Insurance and damage to vehicles

●        The safety of the property and parking area

●        Lighting options

●        Procedures for collecting and handing out keys

●        Ticketing for guests

●        Ensuring a safe and spacious entryway and exit

●        City codes and regulations


All of these are important considerations in making sure = your event is as safe as it is enjoyable.

Dependable Hospital Valet Company in Minneapolis

At UnParalleled Parking, we help event planners set up and maintain a smooth valet service their guests will love. Our experienced team can handle your parking needs no matter how small or large your charity event.


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