Offering guests at your event an exceptional experience begins in the parking lot. From the moment they pull up to your event, you will impress them with a high-quality valet experience. Valet service helps your guests arrive inside your event comfortably and safely, especially in urban areas where finding parking can be a real challenge.


Professional valet service also saves valuable time, getting your guests out of their vehicles and inside your event in a timely manner. A quote from Minneapolis valet service Unparalleled Parking offers a complete and flawless experience to wow your guests.


Your valet parking estimate will include:


●        Number of valet staff needed for the event

●        What time the staff will arrive

●        How long your event will last

●        Transportation services

●        Rental fees and permits

●        The total cost of your quote


Professional, Uniformed Staff

Whether you are tying the knot or hosting an awards ceremony, the appearance of your valet service is a reflection on you and your event. Our staff will come dressed for success and ready with service and a smile. You can expect nothing short of highly trained, well-groomed, and professional valet staff to handle the vehicles of you and your guests safely and courteously. Our valet staff will make your attendees feel like the honored guests they are.


Safe Vehicle Parking

When your event is in a busy metro area, you want to make sure your guests can arrive safely. With our valet service, your guests don’t have to worry about walking through an unfamiliar urban area where they may receive unsolicited vagrant activity.


They won’t have to risk parking where vandalism or theft could be a concern or walk through inclement weather. Our insurance covers you in case of any unforeseeable accidents. You can rest assured your guests will arrive safely with our valet service.


Tracking of Vehicles

Few things are more frustrating than leaving an event only to realize you can’t find your vehicle. With Unparalleled Parking, we keep track of who belongs to what vehicle with our valet tracking system so you don’t have to. Our professional, experienced valets use a ticket system to track each guest’s vehicle. Whatever your guest count, we can handle it. At the end of your event, your guests will be reunited with their vehicles in a timely and efficient manner.


We are a private event valet company with a strong commitment to excellence in hospitality.


Our services are perfect for:


●        Weddings

●        Corporate events

●        Private parties

●        Fundraisers


High-End Twin Cities Valet Company

You want everything at your event to be perfect, and that includes getting your guests safely and comfortably inside without having to worry about parking. At Unparalleled Parking, we provide a higher level of service than any other valet company in the Twin Cities.


Whether you are a hosting a corporate event or a wedding, schedule your valet parking services today. Give us a call at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at