Offering guests at your event an exceptional experience begins in the parking lot. From the moment they pull up to your event, you will impress them with a high-quality valet experience. Valet service helps guests arrive at your event comfortably and safely, especially in urban areas where parking can be challenging.

Professional valet service saves valuable time, getting your guests out of their vehicles and inside your event on time. A quote from Minneapolis valet service Unparalleled Parking offers a complete and flawless experience to wow your guests.

How We Determine Your Quote

Below are essential pieces of information we need from you to get a more thorough quote for your event:

Event Type

Are you planning a corporate or private event like a wedding or grand opening? Do you need specific clothing for the valets or custom services like a red carpet? Would you like to include printed materials or a small gift placed in the guest's vehicles? What is the date and location of the event? How long do you expect it to last?

All of these questions will determine how much a valet company charges for services, and the quote can be per hour or in a specific package. 

Number of Guests

The number of guests you expect typically determines the number of vehicles in the valet parking lot. Therefore, a valet parking service will generally charge per vehicle. However, other logistics determine the quote. For example, parking vehicles becomes more challenging if you expect hundreds of guests because the cars are further away, so consider any possible scenarios.

Guest Arrival Times

Do you expect your guests to show up all at once, or will there be regular traffic throughout the event? You need enough valets for the event, and informal gatherings, such as open houses or parties, may not require as many because guests can come and go as they wish.

Ensure you have enough valets to handle traffic peaks, so if there is a rush of guests, there will not be a traffic jam.

Parking Location

You will need to know how many parking spaces are near your location and be sure the valet area is close to the entrance of your event. Both of these help the valet service optimize the parking and ensure a smooth transition for your guests.

Otherwise, expect to hire a few extra valets and inform the valet company if there is anything complicated about the accessibility, such as a gates, steep driveways, challenging parking, or one-way streets, etc.

What Does the Estimate Include?

Your valet parking estimate is made up of several components, including:

●        Number of valet staff needed for the event

●        What time the staff will arrive

●        How long your event will last

●        Transportation services

●        Rental fees and permits

●        The total cost of your quote

What Do You Get When You Choose Unparalleled?

Not only does valet parking give off the ambiance of a high-end affair, but it also offers other benefits that make us exceptional, including:

Professional, Uniformed Staff

Whether you are tying the knot or hosting an awards ceremony, the appearance of your valet service reflects you and your event. Our staff will come dressed for success and ready with service and a smile.

You can expect nothing short of highly trained, well-groomed, and professional valet staff to handle your and your guests' vehicles safely and courteously. Our valet staff will make your attendees feel like the honored guests they are.

Safe Vehicle Parking

When your event is in a busy metro area, you want to make sure your guests can arrive safely. With our valet service, your guests don't have to worry about walking through an unfamiliar urban area where they may receive unsolicited vagrant activity.

They won't have to risk parking where vandalism or theft could be a concern or walk through inclement weather. Our insurance covers you in case of any unforeseeable accidents. You can rest assured your guests will arrive safely with our valet service.

Happy Guests

All things aside, your guests will enjoy the ease of attending your event with valet parking. If your event is in a congested area or where parking is hard to find, we can take that stress off your guests and help them enjoy their evening. At Unparalleled Parking, we can provide valet parking services for private events, corporate events, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and more!

Tracking of Vehicles

Few things are more frustrating than leaving an event only to realize you can't find your vehicle. With Unparalleled Parking, we track who belongs to what vehicle with our valet tracking system, so you don't have to.

Our professional, experienced valets use a ticket system to track each guest's vehicle. Whatever your guest count, we can handle it. At the end of your event, your guests will be reunited with their vehicles promptly and efficiently.

We are a private event valet company with a strong commitment to excellence in hospitality and our services are perfect for:

●        Weddings

●        Corporate events

●        Private parties

●        Fundraisers

Your Trusted, High-End Twin Cities Valet Company

You want everything at your event to be perfect, including getting your guests safely and comfortably inside without worrying about parking. At Unparalleled Parking, we provide a higher level of service than any other valet company in the Twin Cities.

Whether you are hosting a corporate event or a wedding, schedule your valet parking services today. Give us a call at 651-300-1515, or you can message us online.