As one of the highest-quality Twin Cities valet companies, Unparalleled Parking takes pride in providing efficient, friendly service to every customer. It all starts with our drivers. As the backbone of our workforce, our drivers play a crucial role in our company’s continued success. From friendly, polite interaction with clients to driving slowly and carefully in a variety of vehicles, valet drivers play so many roles that they can make or break the valet company they work for –  which is why we’re so picky about who we hire!


That being said, almost anyone can learn to be a valet driver, though few choose to cultivate the unique characteristics required to truly be successful at the job. If you’re interested in becoming a valet driver for Unparalleled Parking, here are a few personality traits we look for in our potential employees, along with prerequisites every candidate needs to pass before working for us.

How to Get Hired as a Valet Driver at Unparalleled Parking

All of our employees must pass background checks before we allow them to work to ensure that we’re hiring upstanding individuals and our customers will stay safe while interacting with us. That’s the only concrete prerequisite you’ll need to have that can make or break your potential employment with Unparalleled Parking.

Aside from that, we do search for certain personality traits in our employees:

●        A positive attitude. Like any job, working for a transportation company will have its stressful moments. Positivity and an upbeat attitude are key to keeping cool under pressure and ensuring those we serve have a positive experience with our business.

●        Careful driving skills. A reckless valet driver will soon find themselves out of a job! Because our employees handle valuable assets, we like to see mindful, gracious drivers who understand the weight of the task at hand.

●        A good work ethic. In the valet industry, there’s simply no room for slacking off. A fast-paced work environment combined with service industry standards means that you, as a potential employee, must be willing to work hard and keep a smile on your face while doing it.

Interested in Working for Us? Check Out our Employment Opportunities

Unparalleled Parking is always looking for new drivers – and, of course, for new businesses we can help! If you’re looking for employment, click here. Call us now at 651-300-1515 to see what we can do for your company and your customers.