Valet parking offers an added touch to any event or establishment. You expect quality service from valet parking attendants who care about your car's safety and valuables, and that's what you get when you choose Unparalleled Parking for valet services in the Twin Cities area!

Rest assured that safety is among our top priorities. In fact, our team boosts safety for the businesses we work with through our proven protocols and procedures.

Why Valet Parking Is Your Safest Option

Whether you're visiting a hotel or experiencing a heavy-traffic shopping plaza, valet parking services are your best option. Sometimes, it's just safer to let someone else handle the goods. 

Here at Unparalleled Parking, we feel it's important to let our customers know why parking services are a good option. Understandably, valet parking might not be everyone's first choice. Sit back, relax, and let us lay it out for you. 

Here are the reasons behind valet parking's incredible safety!

Valet Parking Drivers Are Incredibly Skilled 

In fact, they're trained to handle most makes and models. Don't worry: Your car is in good hands! Once you leave your vehicle with the trained staff, you can rest easily; They'll handle it with care. 

Crowded areas often are difficult to navigate. In many ways, valet parking is the safest alternative to guiding your car through tight spaces and crowded lots.

Valet Lots Are Secure 

If your vehicle is in a valet service lot, it's incredibly safe. Your valet service providers are running a business; They must keep your possessions safe. 

Rather than leaving your car in an unattended lot, let your providers handle the details. Valet service lots ensure ongoing surveillance, so you needn't worry about your vehicle being left alone.

Designated Parking Enhances Security

A designated space is similar to a reserved area, meaning only clients or guests can access the parking area. Valley parking controls the traffic entering or leaving because they're directed to the pickup or drop-up area, which means enhanced security because it keeps out anyone who isn't reserved for the space.

Valet Service Providers Are Insured 

Sure, it's good to have your own coverage. It's also good to let an insured provider handle your vehicle. 

Again, valet service providers run a business. Like most businesses, they're covered by insurance. Sometimes, you need safety in the fiscal world. If your vehicle is damaged, your provider will cover it. Really, valet parking is advantageous from a money point of view.

Your valet service providers use advanced training, on-call services, and a close approach to safety. At the end of the day, you're much better off giving your car to a service provider. 

Unparalleled Parking's Precautions & Protocol 

If you're attending an event with special accommodations or entering a crowded area, don't navigate your vehicle alone. From all angles, a trained staff is better. Unparalleled Parking is here to help!

Contact us today for more information, and take advantage of our highly skilled service team. Every vehicle is treated with care, and every driver's accommodations are easily met. 

If your vehicle requires special handling, let us know. Again, your service provider wants to ensure total safety for your vehicle and possessions.

We Make Your Clients and Customers Our Priority

Being a top-rated valet means providing exceptional safety standards and customer service. Our staff is courteous and friendly, and we will go above and beyond to help address any concerns or questions you have during the process.

We can also accommodate any size event and customize our services to help ensure you have multiple event options, including specialized protocols to ensure every aspect is as safe as possible.

6 Valet Parking Safety Tips for Guests

As a guest, you can also ensure that all passengers in your car and everyone around are safe and secure.

Here are some tips on how guests can maintain a safe and secure environment in the valet parking area. 

1. Be Ready to Go at Closing Time 

Closing time is often set by the host and agreed upon by our company. We inform the guests of that time and when they can expect to close up. All participants must know when closing time is and promptly retrieve their car. 

If you leave later than planned, please inform the valet service. We can return your keys and tell you where your car is located. 

2. Hold On to Your Claims Ticket

When you arrive at your destination, one of our friendly staff will assist you and park your car. We will also hand you a claims ticket. This validates ownership of the vehicle and helps us to locate it quickly.

If you lose your claims ticket, we can still assist you in finding your vehicle. Remember, however, that this may slow our process down. So always keep your ticket with you - preferably in your wallet or coat pocket. By handing us the ticket, you help ensure we can serve others efficiently. 

3. Tell Us About Any Vehicle Issues

Are there any issues with your car that we should know about? If you tell us beforehand, we can operate your car more safely. Are there any problems with the doors, brakes, windshield wipers, or headlights? 

You may also drive a vehicle that has special controls or features. If so, please let us know. We want to park your car and return it to you safely. 

4. Practice Safety When Pulling Up

As you drive up to the property, cars may be in front of you, and guests may get out of their vehicles. Pay attention to your surroundings and be courteous. 

If you pull at night, turn off your high-beam lights. Bright headlights can blind our valet attendants and guests. Try to keep a healthy distance between you and the car in front of you. 

5. Tuck Away Valuables

Even with valets doing their best to ensure all vehicles on site are safe, there's always a risk with parking in public spaces, so stick any valuables you can't take with you in a trunk or place them out of site.

6. Never Leave Your Vehicle Unattended

Even if you're in a hurry, you never want to leave your vehicle unattended and always wait until an attendant has approached you and taken responsibility for parking the vehicle.  

Plan Your Next Event With Unparalleled Parking

For a smooth and safe evening at your next event, contact Unparalleled Parking. Our entire staff goes the extra mile to ensure you, your passengers, and your vehicle are safe and sound from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. 

To schedule a valet service in the Minneapolis area, call us at 651-300-1515 or message us online for more information.