When you are hosting a wedding or other upscale event, you may be considering hiring a valet parking company for your event. There are many companies you can select from. However, Unparalleled Parking services are simply unparalleled. Here are a few of the things that set us apart from other valet services.


Our Customer Service

At Unparalleled Parking, our mission is to be the best, most respected and more reliable valet service in Minneapolis. In order to reach our goal, we put a heavy emphasis on customer service. In order for you to respect us, we must gain your respect. We do that from the very first time we encounter you and continue this through the entire process. Our staff is friendly and courteous and we will go out of our way to answer any questions or alleviate any fears you may have about hiring a valet. Once the contract is signed, you do not have to worry about anything. We will be on time and perform the service we are contracted to do without any issues. Everything will run smoothly and efficiently and you will then understand why our customers rave about us.


Our Professional Employees

Another factor that sets us apart from our competitors is the professional employees that we hire for valet services. Some companies use independent contractors or people they find off of internet classified sites that day to move your car. Others have a staff, but they are allowed to show up to work wearing whatever they feel like. At Unparalleled Parking, we understand that our appearance and professionalism rubs off on your guests. If we look unkempt, your guests may be leery of using our service or wonder who you hired to park their car. Our trained staff all follow a dress code to ensure they look and act professional.


Our Ability to Problem Solve

The last factor that sets us apart is our ability to problem solve. Unfortunately, despite the best planning, things do not always go as planned. There may be more cars to park than were expected, or there can be an accident blocking the traffic route to park the cars. Regardless, we can problem solve and come up with a great solution, allowing you to enjoy the event. The last thing you want is to be worried about parking on your wedding day or for your anniversary party. Let us problem solve and handle any curve balls thrown our way, while you enjoy the event you are putting on.


Unparalleled Parking is simply a cut above the rest when it comes to valet services. If you are hosting an event in the Minneapolis, MN. area and are looking to hire a valet service, call us today to obtain a quote or to get answers to any of the questions you may have. We would love to assist you.