Parking downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul is always a hassle, as we detail in our valet company blog.—and finding a spot is only part of the problem. Many drivers are afraid of their cars getting hit or stolen once they walk away; because businesses often suffer from lack of adequate parking, and no one likes leaving their car on the street.

The solution? Hiring the valet parking service pros at Unparalleled Parking!

Unparalleled Parking can ensure your car is secure and well-taken-care-of while your clients or event attendees are enjoying your evening. We’ll show you how having a valet company will boost the safety of your business or upcoming event—in person, of course, but also through the blog post below.

Vehicle Safety is Accomplished Through Designated Parking

Once our drivers help you establish where we will park the cars, we create designated parking areas for your guests. Designated parking is much like reserved parking in that it creates a specific space for your guests or clients. With this designation, we can control the traffic that comes in or out of the area by merely directing guests to our valet drop-off or pick-up area. That means less potential for accidents.

Valet Companies Avoid Collisions in the Parking Lot

No one can park your car better than a professional. Even the most skilled unprofessional drivers do not have the training necessary to get cars in and out of tight spots. As a valet company, we train all of our drivers to park cars in various tricky scenarios so that they are prepared for any situation. When professionals are parking cars, there’s less chaotic traffic, and there’s virtually zero chance that a collision will happen.

Keep Your Image Safe With Valet Parking Insurance

Of course, it’s not just your guests and cars that can be kept safe by valet parking services—your company’s image can, too. When you hire a valet company, provided you do the required vetting, you’ll be hiring a company that carries its own insurance, which can help cover the damages in an accident and therefore maintain the image of the establishment. Though, as we stated above, our drivers are thoroughly trained and top-of-the-line, nobody can account for external situations, such as traffic if you choose to use streetside valet parking. That’s why we’re proud to be insured—it’s all part of safeguarding the reputation of your business, which you trust in us each time our valet drivers sit in the driver’s seat.

What kinds of and how much insurance your company should carry will vary depending on their typical clientele and the level of risk associated with their work. Good places to start, though, are significant general liability policies as well as garage keeper’s insurance. Though the latter sounds like it’d be used solely by auto shops, valet companies make use of it too, as covered in this article from The Balance.

Get Professional Help Choosing a Parking Space

While where the cars will be parked sometimes is already established or unchangeable, for some informal events and those who choose to use streetside parking, location is flexible. Said location can make or break how smoothly your night goes from a parking standpoint—and how safe pedestrians and party-goers are.

When you work with a valet parking service like us, we’ll help you figure out the best, quietest, and roomiest spots to set up parking that also make the most logistical sense. With our expertise, we’ll pinpoint potential problem areas and work around them before the big day, so that both drivers and guests alike stay safe and sound.

Enjoy Safer Parking 24/7 With Valet Parking Management Services

In addition to valet services, we also offer parking management for businesses that are serious about safety and that have their own lots. Parking management keeps traffic flowing smoothly, increases security, and improves the perception of your business. Unparalleled Parking can set up a parking system for your lot and manage it throughout the day or night, bringing with us the safety-boosting abilities of valet. How’s that for maximum parking security and peace of mind?

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