You want your special day to be simply perfect—that goes without saying. However, when you’re hiring wedding security for your event, things can get a little complicated. You want yourself and guests to feel safe and taken care-of during the ceremony and beyond, but you also don’t need someone hovering too close-by, making a big fuss over tiny infractions and adding more stress to an already chaotic time.

So what makes a good wedding security provider? How can you tell if the security for weddings company you’re looking at has what you need? Unparalleled Parking, your parking and private security for events pros, are here to help. Below we discuss exactly what your wedding needs from a security provider like us to go swimmingly.


Professionalism encompasses a wide variety of characteristics, according to a publication from Auburn University. First and foremost, though, it states, “professionals have worked in a serious, thoughtful and sustained way to master the specialized knowledge needed to succeed in their fields.” In short: they know what they’re doing.

What this means in wedding security: your potential pro should have a demonstrated and comprehensive definition of what security means. It’s more than simply standing around watching a crowd, for example; depending on the event, it may also involve specific anti-theft policies and alcohol consumption.


Though wedding security workers have a duty to behave in such a way that makes the day feel safe, they also must do their part to be personable and helpful to guests when needed. Your wedding day shouldn’t feel like an enforced lockdown, but a carefully guarded event which your paid help is happy to attend. Guests should feel free to enjoy themselves and not as though the slightest accidental, apologetic misstep will land them in trouble.

Dressing the Part

A picture-perfect wedding day demands picture-perfect staff, whatever that may mean for your event. Part of making—and keeping—guests safe is exuding the appearance of competency and professionalism just as much as practicing it. While your guards should generally be in the background, both as far as dress and behavior goes, the vibes they put out should mesh with your event and their purpose there.

Wedding Valet Services and Security for Hire: Make Your Day a Smooth Ride With Unparalleled Parking

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