Valet parking services sound simple. All a driver has to do is get into a vehicle, drive around a little, and eventually find a parking spot. Millions of people park their own vehicles every day. Anyone can do it, right?


Well, not necessarily. Because valet drivers are paid to be the best at finding parking spots—usually in urban areas in which parking is scarce—there are certain character traits that will facilitate success in this job. Unparallelled Parking is here to pay homage to our hardworking employees and also to educate the public about the complexities of a job that is never as easy as it seems.

Working for Any Transportation Company Requires Steadfastness

As anyone who has worked in a service industry will tell you, customers can sometimes be disagreeable. If you’re considering a career in the valet industry, it’s crucial you know how to work around this to provide the utmost quality valet parking service. Day in and day out, you must be cool under pressure, and willing to calmly take criticism if your customer or manager is unsatisfied.


This need for steadfastness also applies to the less social aspects of the job: actually parking the car. Valet companies oftentimes serve urban areas, where parking garages are packed and space is scarce. Being able to put up with the universal frustration of not being able to find a parking spot is a requirement for working in valet services—and drivers must be darn good at it, considering the purpose of their job is to repeatedly shoulder this frustration for their customers.

Working in Valet Services Requires Local Knowledge

It’s not a prerequisite, but to be a good employee for a valet service, knowledge of the city's parking habits is a huge plus. Knowing where people tend to park, the streets which tend to be the busiest, as well as the closest parking spaces to your customer will all facilitate success in this job. This isn’t something that just anyone can know and often requires research or on-the-job training.


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