Of course, as licensed drivers, we all know how to park our cars. It’s a required part of the road test, after all; we all remember how nerve-wracking parallel parking was. However, there’s a difference between knowing how to do something and knowing how to do it well. In other words, just because somebody can park a car safely doesn’t mean they can do so rapidly and efficiently.


At Unparalleled Parking, we’re parking experts. It’s in our name, for one, and for two, a Minneapolis valet service that’s made a name for itself in the busy, strapped-for-space metro area has to be talented. Having mastered the art of parking, we know how to maneuver unfamiliar vehicles into tiny parking slots, and we do so safely and quickly, time and time again.


Ready to learn a couple parking tips from the valet company professionals?

The Art of Perfect Parking

Parking is somewhat of an art form. It requires, arguably, more of a feel for the road under your tires than does cruising down the highway. Parking quickly boils down to knowing your vehicle and being aware of the space that it takes up.


Of course, that’s easier said than done. You can hone your spatial awareness and familiarity with your vehicle by:


●        Using reference points. In many types of parking (parallel especially) timing is crucial. While parking, pause your vehicle now and again when it’s safe to do so and take note of where the bumpers of the cars you’re parking between are, in relation to your rearview mirror and windows. Since you can’t see the parking guidelines on the ground as easily while watching your surroundings, these reference points can prove themselves to be far more useful.

●        Giving yourself room. Any valet parking service will tell you that the more room there is available to park in, the quicker the job becomes. Of course, you can’t always control where you’ll be parking your car, but you can always look for opportunities to maximize the space you give yourself to complete the maneuver. For example, when parking perpendicularly, approaching from the opposite lane gives you a much more space to properly aim your car than approaching from the near lane.

●        Practicing! While it may feel silly to practice parking, it’s the only way you’ll get good at it. Saint Paul valet services like us don’t get as good as we do without parking cars over and over again. If you want to truly hone your parking skills, always be looking for opportunities to use them.

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