If you don’t work in valet parking services, parallel parking can be tricky. Indeed, it has made a name for itself as the bane of every teen’s driver’s test, and many veteran drivers still avoid it at all costs.

With the advent of advanced driving technology, this part of parking is easier to circumnavigate, but it hasn’t yet become obsolete, and chances are you’ll need to face it someday. Luckily, Unparalleled Parking, your local Minneapolis valet company, is here with a few tips below.

Slow Down!

We’re parallel parking pros, but none of our drivers got that way by speeding through the learning process. Though it can feel like all eyes are on you when you’re trying to parallel park between real cars, you need to take it at a relaxed pace at first to get your angles right.

The nice thing about parallel parking: you can pause and think whenever you need to, which isn’t something that’s allowed in other avenues of driving, such as on the freeway.

It’s All About the Forty-Five Degree Angle

There’s no magic trick to parallel parking quickly, but there is a magic number, and it’s forty-five—specifically in degrees. When approaching your parking spot in reverse, you want your vehicle to be, roughly, at a forty-five degree angle with the curb, for example, before you straighten out and begin to back in.

You’ll see this number crop up in a variety of ways when it comes to this parking method. Consider watching a bird’s-eye demo of the process online and see how many you can find! The more reference points you have, the better.

Practice Makes Perfect

We know it’s a cliche—but cliches earn their stripes for a reason. The more opportunities you get to parallel park, the more quickly you’ll become adept at it. If the place you’re going to has a parallel parking opportunity, take it, even if standard parking is available. If you’re really dedicated, you can even practice at home.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is once you’ve grasped it. If you put in the time, parallel parking will begin to feel like second nature. Yes, it does get easier!

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