As the day of the party looms ever closer on the horizon, you’re rightly busy checking things off your laundry list of to-dos. From securing catering to sending out invitations, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Have you gotten things squared away with your valet company yet? If not, relax—it’s easy! Plus, Unparalleled Parking is here to help.

Learn about a few questions that you should ask your valet company before the big day to ensure that everything goes exactly according to plan!

Does the Company Carry Insurance?

Though this is doubly important if you’re a business, for your everyday shindig it still matters quite a bit. Because the image of that company is directly tied to you, the host of the event, you have to make sure things can get smoothed over in the incredibly unlikely event of an accident.

At the very least, the valet parking services having insurance gives you peace of mind. According to The Valet Spot, a business that provides equipment for valet parking services, a valet company should generally have two types of insurance: garage liability insurance and garage keeper insurance.

While we won’t dive into the nitty gritty here, be sure to get to know your valet company’s relationship with their policy so that no surprises come up.

How Will the Valet Drivers Dress?

Whether you want your drivers to show up in tuxes or polos is up to you and the nature of the event. But make sure you know what you’re getting into and make changes far ahead of time if need be. Not only will this reduce your stress, but it also makes sure that the vibe your valet parking services give off synchronizes with that of your event.

That’s part of what you’re paying them for, in addition to all the other benefits of private event parking, which we cover here.

What Happens If Things Run Late?

Experienced event planners know that having a script for when the unexpected happens is the key to a harmonious event. Make sure you know what to expect from your valet parking services if this were to be the case for yours.

Industry standard for this varies depending on locality; Some private event valet companies might allow you to continue using their services for an hourly rate.

Whether or not they do, it’s important to know how much additional expense you’ll accrue by the hour so that the bill you get handed is manageable.

How Long Have You Been Handling Private Events?

This is an important question because while some valet companies are experienced in weddings, they may not have the experience for your private event. The more experience that the valet provider has the better because you are taking a chance if the valet provider has zero experience.

Ideally, your valet service provider will have an online presence including reviews. You can search Google or Yelp to discover how customers rank their experience using the provider’s valet services.

As event planners know, things can go awry from a plan due to unforeseeable circumstances. Therefore, if you select a reputable valet service provider, you can feel confident knowing that they will be able to provide solutions for unexpected problems.

Be cautious of using a valet service without reviews. This indicates that the valet service is either very new or rebranding under a new name.

If you do decide to go with an inexperienced valet service provider, you may not get the service you need the day of your big event.

Do You Screen Your Drivers?

Hiring standards for valet attendants vary depending on the valet service provider. It is important to seek out a provider that requires checks for anyone that they are hiring as a driver. This could mean a background check to make sure that the driver does not have any red flags.

This could also mean a reference check to ensure that the driver will report to work on time and behave professionally for your private event.

You should seek out a valet service provider that requires an extensive screening process. You have to feel comfortable trusting the drivers with cars and property.

You should also feel confident that professionalism will remain intact for the duration of your event.

Do You Offer Training to Your Drivers?

It is a common misconception that anyone with a driver's license can park a car. However, accidents can happen and it is important that a valet service provider offers extensive training to prevent costly damages.

A valet service driver must have expert parking skills for cars of all shapes and sizes. Also, they must be skilled in space utilization to ensure that they maximize the space to accommodate all of your event’s guests.

Drivers should be trained to use the technology required. They should know how to operate the valet station effectively. Drivers should be able to answer questions regarding the area and your event so that they can adequately assist guests when they arrive.

A valet service provider that specializes in customer service may offer drivers customer service training.

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