The menus are set, the guests have been contacted, and it’s time for your spring event! No matter what that event entails, whether it’s a wedding ceremony, birthday bash, or creative corporate celebration, you no doubt want your guests to feel warm, welcomed, accepted, and cared for. What better way to do this than with a valet parking service? Cross one worry off of your guest’s itineraries and set the stage for an amazing event to come.


While hiring a valet company is awesome in theory, the industry can be hit or miss. Certain transportation services are clunkers, and they can just as much ruin your event as good Minneapolis valet services can enhance it. As an event host with little knowledge of valet parking services, how are you to spot a good private event valet?


Unparalleled Parking is here to help. We know what a perfect private event valet parking service looks like, because it’s what our company strives to be in every way, shape, and form. Keep reading to learn to identify high-quality private event valet parking services, as well as what to avoid.

Qualities of a Good Valet Company

Trust your intuition. If you get a good feeling after meeting with a valet parking company, you’re probably right to feel that way. At the end of the day, all valet companies are run by very real people, and your judgement of each individual’s character is likely to reflect how they do their business.


If you’re still worried about the quality of the private event valet service you’re hiring, here are a few indicators that the company is a good one:


●        Your valet parking service is curious about your event. Different events call for different atmospheres and different types of service. A good private event valet company will ask plenty of questions regarding your event to get a better feel for how to best enhance its vibe and take care of your guests. Our team at Unparalleled Parking would love to hear all about your event!


●        Your valet parking service only hires employees who have passed background checks. Your valet parking service will be handling your guests’ private vehicles, so  ensuring that employees are trustworthy is a must. For the sake of our clients’ safety, all workers at Unparalleled Parking must pass background checks.


●        Your valet parking service has made a commitment to service. Valet parking services for private events are a service; your company of choice must have this mentality in everything that they do. They should never treat you as “just another customer.” At Unparalleled Parking, our respect for every client’s individual needs is what sets us apart from our peers.

Contact Unparalleled Parking for High-Quality Valet Parking Services

Unparalleled Parking provides valet parking services for businesses and private parties across the Twin Cities. We’d be proud to help your event shine! Give us a call at 651-300-1515 to start planning your services today.