At Unparalleled Parking, we pride ourselves on being a fully comprehensive, personalized Twin Cities valet service. No matter the event – weddings, corporate bashes, conventions, you name it – we can and will fully customize our service to fit your individual needs. You’ll be hard-passed to find a more responsive and client-focused valet parking service in Minneapolis!

Take full advantage of everything we have to offer at Unparalleled Parking!

We’ll Walk You Through All Your Customization Options

After you’ve scheduled your event with our transportation company, we’ll pay your venue a visit and scope out the landscape. We’ll then ask you several questions, including:

How You Want Guests to Be Greeted

What’s the vibe you want for your event: classy and refined, or warm and cheery? Perhaps a bit of both? As our drivers are the first impression your guests will have of your event, we want to make sure we get that impression right.

We’ll change the way our drivers handle your guests depending on what you want to get out of your valet experience.

What You’d Like Our Drivers to Share

Again, when you hire a valet service, you hire a company that sets the atmosphere and mood of your guests. A polo shirt and khakis, after all, sends a very different message than formalwear!

Because both of these options can be more appropriate than the other in certain circumstances, we always ask our customers how they’d like our drivers to dress for the event. You can trust that, regardless of the vibe you’re going for, we’ll always look the part.

How You’d Like Us to Handle Parking

At our first meeting, we’ll speak with you about parking specifications. We’ll ask where the parking lot is in relation to the event, of course, but we’ll also ask if we need to consider things such as VIP parking.

We’ll also help you to plan if you will need additional services, such as greeters, traffic directors, or planners (all of which we provide). We also can print parking tickets customized to reflect your event’s specifications.

What Budget We Should Accommodate

Events can be costly, and it is possible that you have a budget in mind for what you can afford to spend for valet services. We work with a variety of budgets so feel free to disclose your ideal investment for the valet service.

We provide many customizations depending on the nature of your event, and you can skip the add ons for a more affordable option.

An Example of How We Can Handle Your Event

If you are planning an event such as a holiday party or a wedding, you may want us to go into detail about how we have handled valet service for events of this nature in the past.

If you are planning an unusual event, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about strategies to ensure your event has easy and organized parking.

What Vehicles You’d Like for Increased Security Concerns

It is possible that you are planning an event where there will be luxury vehicles parking. Even if the vehicle is not a luxury one, guests will want to make sure that their vehicle is safe from theft or vandalism.

Our valet service will lock the doors and secure the vehicle for the duration of the event. We have a superior tracking system and additional valet parking technology to ensure that the vehicle’s keys are safe and easily located.

There are also added layers of security that can be implemented for the safety of your guests’ vehicles, such as an attendant to watch over the parking lot while the event is taking place.

How We Can Make Your Event Memorable

Attending events can be stressful due to the pre-planning of parking. Guests have to budget for a parking garage or drive down nearby streets to find parking. By using a valet service, your guests can avoid the hassle of parking and focus on the event itself.

One notable aspect about our valet services is that we can make each event special with our excellent customer service. We go through great lengths to ensure that each guest is handled with care.

Our customers have described their valet service experience as luxurious, and this is because our team works hard for each guest.

Get the Best Private Event Valet Company in the Twin Cities

We’d be privileged to help your next private event go off without a hitch, and we’d be overjoyed to watch it become everything you’ve ever wanted it to be. To inquire about our services, give us a call today at 651-300-1515.