VIP Valet Parking for Everyone

In its first iterations, valet parking was a luxury known to few. Being greeted with premium car service always felt like VIP valet parking. Now, with urban sprawl, crowded cities, and a faster way of life, valet parking is almost an expectation. In certain cities, it may even be a necessity to accommodate guest traffic. Because of this, it has become a standard in dining, entertainment, and even private events.


But guests shouldn’t be made to feel standard. Not just any valet parking or guest greeting service will do. Your guests deserve the VIP treatment, and VIP valet parking is a great start to building loyalty and repeat business success.


Benefits of VIP Valet Parking

Certain valet parking companies have raised the bar once again, reclaiming the luxury appeal of valet with new and improved services. The following are just some of the benefits of VIP valet parking and why you should consider partnering with a valet.


VIP Valet Parking:


●        Establishes an immediate and positive guest interaction.

●        Represents the quality and professionalism of your establishment.

●        Keeps traffic incoming.

●        Maximizes the personalized leisure experience of guests.

●        Reduces and deters crime.

●        Delivers a flawless party presentation.

●        Increases safety, security, and enjoyment of guests.

●        Monitors the exterior of your establishment.

●        Provides feedback for guest inquiry.

●        Offers extra services like car detailing.

●        Adds efficiency to increase your parking capacity.

●        Helps direct and control vehicle traffic.

●        Coordinates transportation needs.

●        Retrieves vehicles quickly.


In addition to these smooth mechanics, valet parking remains a VIP experience because of the details. Greeting guests with a smile, offering advice or giving directions, and handing off the guest into the venue are all aspects of a strong customer service equation. No company can achieve greatness without being available and involved with customers at this human level.


VIP Valet Parking for a Stand Out Event

Unparalleled Parking is a Twin Cities based VIP valet parking company with firm ties in the community. We understand the pulse of the local urban life and what it means to keep your business running smoothly. Every guest of yours is our priority from first to last impression. That’s why Unparalleled Parking hires only the best drivers and attendants via a strict background and application process. All drivers are trustworthy, experienced, and highly trained to operate at the performance level you expect and deserve.


If your company is hosting an upcoming event or simply in need of VIP valet parking to make the most of your parking availability, reach out to us. Unparalleled Parking can help you create a stunning event. We are part of your team and we are driven to help you succeed.


Unparalleled Parking also serves private events such as family reunions or weddings. This type of event can be customized as well, from valet driver attire to greetings, transportation, and complimentary guest services. With VIP valet parking, you and your guests will feel like celebrities walking the red carpet.


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