The holidays are filled with all types of festivities and city-wide events in Minneapolis. Most event planners are already beginning to reserve valet parking services. If you wait until it’s too late, you may have to settle for a company that doesn’t provide high-level service.

Unparalleled Parking offers valet services and transportation for all types of holiday events. Our dates fill up fast, so give us a call and secure your date. We can tailor our valet services to suit your needs.

Contact us today and discover how we can bring a touch of class and elegance to your holiday event.

Your Holiday Valet Parking Service Checklist

If you are organizing a holiday party or community event or you want to provide an added touch to your restaurant or hotel guests, you may have a lot on your plate right now. Unparalleled Parking can help you with the valet parking details. We can sit down with you and cover every important item to help you create the perfect experience for your guests.

Here are some items we will go over:

●        Where the valet podium and attendants will be located

●        Parking lot arrangements

●        Number of guests or vehicles you expect

●        What parking or transportation services you need

●        Security and safety of guests and vehicles

●        What to do in case of rain or snow

●        The size of the valet team you’ll need to handle the parking

You may have some other items on your checklist that you want to cover. Our services are flexible, and we can cater to your unique needs.

Remember: It’s the Holidays

The holiday season in Minneapolis can be exhilarating but it can also be quite busy and crowded. If you are planning to hold your event in the downtown area, you will want to consider any obstacles that might affect valet parking.

For instance, if your front entrance is on a busy street, we will need to make arrangements that ensure your guests are safe when they step out of the car. We may also need to check with parking and valet zones to make sure that we stay within city ordinances.

You’ll need to plan for heavy snow, ice, or rain. How can we adjust our valet services in severe weather to accommodate your event? Will you have a Plan B if your original plan doesn’t work?

Benefits of Hiring a Valet Company for Your Holiday Party

No matter the location of your holiday party, parking in the Twin Cities area can be stressful. Not to mention, it is the time of the year when many people get together in person. One strong benefit of hiring a valet company for your holiday party is that you can shift the focus from stressful parking to enjoying precious moments with family and friends.

Another benefit of hiring a valet company is that your guests will be happy and admire the level of organization of your holiday party. Your holiday party will be a memorable event, because your guests will be able to leave their cars in the hands of highly trained drivers. Your guests will not have to plan for time to park during the busy holiday season.

There are many additional benefits to hiring a valet company for your holiday party. Your guests will be relieved to know that their vehicles are safe and secure because of valet service. You will be more in control of your holiday event because you will know when your guests are arriving and leaving. You will save time spent directing guests to the best parking areas near your event. Overall, hiring a valet parking service for your holiday party will decrease stress for you and your guests.

Valet parking services for your holiday party can even save money for your guests. Depending on the location of your holiday party, your guests may not have the option of free parking. This can result in guests declining to attend your party due to the stress and expense of parking. Create a stress free party atmosphere by investing in valet parking services for your holiday party.

When selecting the right valet service for your holiday party, it is important to check out reviews and look for excellent customer service. The benefits of hiring a valet company for your holiday party outweigh the expense because it will ensure that your guests are left without the stress of finding parking.

Unparalleled Parking is a reputable and experienced valet parking service provider that can meet the needs of Minneapolis residents.

Holiday Valet Parking Services in Minneapolis

Unparalleled Parking offers high-end, reliable valet parking service throughout Minneapolis. If you are planning a holiday event, contact us today and reserve your event before the dates fill up.

To schedule valet service, call us at 651-300-1515, or you can message us here.