If you’re considering valet parking services for your event, hotel, or business, we at Unparalleled Parking commend you! It’s obvious that you care deeply for your guests and want to make their experience the most relaxing and welcoming it can be. Why else would you be looking at valet companies, after all?

As a provider of Minneapolis valet services, we know not all transportation companies are created equal. When you hire a valet company, you should search for one that goes above and beyond your expectations. In this industry, bargain-hunting is a recipe for disaster. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being economical about the service that you seek, but hiring a transportation company on the basis of price alone is a surefire way to leave your guests unsatisfied.

You need a valet parking service that wows both you and your guests – a valet parking service like Unparalleled Parking.

Let us explain what we do to give your attendees the true VIP valet experience and elaborate on why this is such an important characteristic in a valet company.

Valet Parking Services Help You Stand Out

In today’s ever-busy era, as more and more businesses populate the Twin Cities area and the location hosts more and more event venues, it becomes harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.

Hiring a valet parking service is one way to set yourself apart from your peers, and a VIP valet parking service does the job even better.

An Understanding That the Details Matter

While low-caliber valet parking services might just see your event or business as “just another job,” VIP valet parking services know that the details truly do matter.

Service with a smile, an exchange of small talk if desired, dressing to impress – all of these set the tone for a truly magical experience for your guests.

Flexible Valet Parking Services

Top-notch valet companies will meld seamlessly to your event or business’s vibe and aesthetic. No matter how you’d like your guests to be served, a VIP valet company always sails over any bar set.

A Culture of Professionalism

In our cutthroat economy, a professional air is everything. Only VIP valet parking services have the high standards your event or business needs to stand out.

Types of Businesses That Benefit From Valet

Valet parking services offer benefits for many types of businesses in the Twin Cities area, especially hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and private companies.


Your hotel can benefit from valet services, because it provides a parking solution that guests crave. People frequent hotels for work or vacation, and both occasions require convenient access to parking. You can relieve the stress for your guests by allowing the option for valet parking.

Some guests even select hotels based on parking accessibility, and street parking at certain locations is challenging. Therefore, offering valet services can boost your hotel business!


In the event of a medical emergency, it is important to create a space for visitors to park efficiently and quickly. Hospital visits are simplified with valet parking services.


Restaurants use valet services to enhance business by offering guests a simple parking solution. People attend restaurants for a variety of reasons and occasions, and valet services can ensure repeat business.

Private Businesses

Private businesses can make a positive impression with the right valet service provider. Your business is a source of pride, and the correct valet service renders a great first impression for employees and visitors.

Types of Events That Benefit From Valet

The right valet parking service can accommodate the tone and mood of your event, from low key fun to dressy extravagance.

Wedding Valet

Your wedding has taken much time and effort to plan, so why not ensure parking is done right? Your guests can be taken care of by a professional valet company, so they can enjoy the wedding celebration without the hassle of finding a parking spot.

Corporate Valet

Planning a corporate event requires a high level of professionalism for your attendees. By leaving parking in the hands of a reputable valet company, you can ensure your corporate event attendees can have a stress free parking experience.

Fundraiser Valet

Motivate your guests to give by creating a high class, easy parking experience. By hiring professional valet services to take care of your fundraiser event, you can ensure a memorable experience for everyone who attends.

Private Parties

Turn your private party up a notch with a reputable valet service company. Your guests will note the ease of parking and organization of your party.

When you work with our team at Unparalleled Parking, it’s easy to add a touch of class to your private party, regardless of the size or occasion!

Hire the Highest-Quality Valet Parking Services in the Twin Cities

Unparalleled Parking is a valet company providing the highest quality parking services to restaurants, hotels, and private events in the Twin Cities for over a decade! We’re confident that our five-star service will meet even the most stringent of standards.

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