It can be frightening and stressful to go to the hospital, whether you need a procedure done or are visiting a loved one that is ill. The tension can keep you from thinking clearly or focusing on simple tasks like where to park or who to ask for information.


That’s where hospital valet parking service can make a difference. Not everyone comes to the hospital in an ambulance, but getting through the door is still a priority. If patients and guests can drop off their cars and have them driven away to be parked, they can get inside more quickly. Not to mention that they can keep their focus on getting help or being there for someone who needs them.

Why Choose Hospital Parking Services?

Utilizing a quality valet team at a hospital does more than serve the community of patients and guests going through the door. Here are just a few other benefits of hospital parking by a valet team:

Enhanced Safety 

For hospitals, managing traffic flow through the doors is important to give service to those who have urgent needs. Bottlenecks near the general entrance and ER cause serious safety hazards. Hospital parking service ensures that this doesn’t occur. All cars are promptly driven away to a designated lot, allowing the flow necessary for lanes to remain unblocked.

More Speed and Ease for Visitors

At a hospital, oftentimes, speed is a top priority. Patients may be desperate to seek admitted loved ones. Pregnant women may be going into labor, or someone may be late for a medical appointment.

When these cases normally require the people to navigate several different hospital parking lots and figure out where to enter, sometimes walking extremely far to reach the entrance, they can instead be immediately assisted.

Personal Care

Hospital parking isn’t just about fitting more cars into a parking lot or traffic logistics; a valet team works like an extension of the hospital. The valet attendants care about those who pull up to the medical building, offering a smile, a hand, or even a wheelchair to those who might need it. These hospital parking attendants are a way to establish care and attention from the moment a person steps out of the car.

Valet Parking Creates a Lasting Impression

Hospital valet service is something that many patients or guests do not expect. It is, in fact, a pleasant surprise that makes them feel welcome and cared for. Hospitals that offer valet go above and beyond what patients expect when they walk through the doors. Hospital valet alleviates the potentially stressful, sometimes painful, task of hospital parking.

Valet Parking Makes Life Easier on Your Staff 

Let’s face it; healthcare is a stressful field in and of itself; the statistics don’t lie. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 79% of physicians reported burnout before the pandemic. And Covid hasn’t done much to help the situation. 


Mental Health America reported that, from June to September 2020, 93% of healthcare workers were experiencing stress, 86% reported experiencing anxiety, 77% reported frustration, 76% reported exhaustion and burnout, and 75% said they were overwhelmed.


While times have changed since then, some amount of stress, no doubt, remains. And when you’re a doctor or nurse already working hard, then expected to deal with unnecessarily stressed-out patients, there’s no way you can perform at your fullest capacity.


By helping to shoulder the burden of patient care via valet parking, you’ll make your workers’ jobs all the easier and see better health results.

What Can Your Guests Expect With Unparalleled Parking?

We staff our valet service with well-trained, friendly attendants who create a patient-focused experience when they pull up. What can your patients expect?


  • Quick response and warm greeting.
  • Information assistance to direct patients where they’re supposed to go.
  • Efficient and safe car parking in nearby lots.
  • No-wait car retrieval so that patients can exit quickly without walking to their car.
  • Optimize labor resources from our company.
  • Smarter utilization of valet service and parking space.
  • Zero employee management or costs such as payroll, HR, benefits, taxes, etc.
  • Built-in expert approach to valet from experienced professionals.
  • Provide an invaluable service that gives your hospital a good name.


To learn more about what’s generally accepted as the norm in the valet parking service industry, check out our blog.

Unparalleled Parking Takes Hospital Parking to the Next Level

In the case of hospital parking or any similar service (private clinics or health care facilities), Unparalleled Parking drivers and attendants undergo extra training to handle emergencies with knowledge and calm care because they have been extensively screened and trained to provide the topmost level of care to every patron. 


Each team member is ready to aid the handicapped, disabled, and others needing assistance when arriving at the door and offer directions to the information desk or other key points within the hospital.


Need other types of valet service? Unparalleled Parking offers more than hospital parking. We serve businesses and events throughout the Twin Cities. Contact us online or at (651) 300-1515 to get started!