The peak of wedding season can begin as early as March and last until the end of June. If you're like most wedding planners, you've been putting together every element of the wedding for months now. But have you reserved your valet parking service

If not, you should go with a top-notch valet company that can customize your valet experience precisely how you want it. This is why wedding planners across the Twin Cities Metro area choose Unparalleled Parking. Contact us today to secure your date.

Valet Service: The Crucial Component of Every Wedding

All weddings have food, music, flowers, and cake. Not every wedding offers valet service for the guests. Why not set yourself apart with the most appreciated element of your special day? When your guests arrive, they will be pleasantly surprised as one of our valet greeters opens the door and welcomes them to the event of the year. 

Long after the hors d'oeuvres have been forgotten, everybody will be talking about the valet service.

Valet Parking is Weather-Proof

Nothing is worse than guests running from the parking lot to the door during a downpour. Since Mother Nature's schedule doesn't always align with ours, a valet service ensures that, despite the weather conditions, your guests can keep their dignity intact, so to speak. We provide covered valet driveways so that all passengers have quick access to the front door without getting wet or weather-worn.

Keep Your Guests Safe

If your wedding is in the metro area, you'll need to consider the safety and security of your guests. Valet parking keeps attendees protected from traffic and criminal activity. It gives them quick passage to the building's entrance and eliminates any possibility of harm. Weddings almost always have elderly guests who attend. Having highly trained professionals helping them in and out of their vehicles can prevent a potential accident.

Valet Service Improves Efficiency

The transition from ceremony to reception can often cause traffic problems and delays. People often complain about how difficult it is to get to the reception hall. Valet parking can make the process happen more efficiently. 

Unparalleled can retrieve each car and get each party on their way one at a time to ensure a smooth exit from the ceremony. If you need additional valet at the reception, we can have a second team ready to receive guests. 

The Top 10 Choices for Wedding Transportation

On your wedding day, getting from point A to point B isn't enough; the journey should be memorable, unique, and make a statement! Even for those on a budget, there are wedding transportation options that can be considered as an alternative to simply using a family car. 

Here are just 10 of those transportation choices for your wedding day:

1. A Classic Car 

Renting a certain style of car is a fairly common wedding transportation choice. From a Rolls-Royce to a 1980's muscle car, the choice can be as unique as a wedding gown. It's also an opportunity for the bride or groom to drive something they've always dreamed about owning. 

And if you have, let's say, a James Bond theme wedding, using a vintage Aston Martin would be pretty spectacular. Though, it's probably more difficult to secure and on the pricier side of the classic car options.

2. Motorcycle 

Sporty. Fast. Sleek. A motorcycle might not be ideal for arriving at the venue. (Helmet hair and all.) However, it makes a loud and riotous getaway vehicle to send off the happy bride and groom.

3. Boat 

This category also includes canoes, paddleboards, and other water wedding transportation. It depends on location for access to the water, but it can make for a serene escape.

4. Carriage 

Every little girl dreams of a happily ever after. Romantic and picturesque, a carriage epitomizes a fairy tale wedding. It only needs a few white horses, a quiet, wooded path… And perhaps a castle?

5. Helicopter 

Want to fly off into the sunset? Investing in a helicopter ride means that your day will conclude with a relaxing journey over an exotic landscape or give you a unique perspective of the city where you already live.

6. Parade Float 

A wedding is a celebration, and what better way to celebrate in Southern fashion than with a parade float? It can be silly or spirited!

7. Limo 

The limousine is a classic choice for wedding transportation, and it can be given a unique spin with a color choice or services offered within the spacious vehicle. Plus, it fits more than just the bride and groom, and the wedding party can all stay together and celebrate.

8. Tandem Bicycle 

Did the bride and groom meet on a bike trail? Riding away on a tandem bike after the wedding could represent how their paths met and fused into one.

9. Sled 

A sled is peaceful, environmentally friendly, and romantic for couples getting married in the winter!

10. Trolley

Like the limo, a trolley can easily transport a large group of people along with the bride and groom. The open windows and smooth ride offer a great fall option. It could even provide wedding transportation to guests from the ceremony to the reception.

Your Preferred Private Event Valet Company

To make your wedding the one everyone will be talking about, hire Unparalleled Parking for complete valet parking service. We offer valet parking for businesses, corporate events, private parties, and weddings and provide chauffeur services alongside traditional valet for that extra special touch. 

Our team will work with your party planner or event coordinator to ensure everything goes smoothly, just as you deserve. We can schedule your date in advance and review the details so your wedding goes as planned. To reserve your wedding date, call us at 651-300-1515, or message us online today.