Your wedding is a chance to shine. From the moment you leave for the chapel to your arrival at the reception, you want everything to be perfect.

Your guests should enjoy this occasion as much as you do. Help your guests relax and focus on your wedding by hiring a valet service. Valet parking by a professional valet has multiple advantages. 

If you have a large wedding, your guests are ensured a convenient parking spot no matter the weather. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a valet parking company like Unparalleled Parking to valet your upcoming wedding and a few helpful tips to make the process smoother.

Guests Won't Have to Angle for the Best Parking Spots

Unpleasant situations often occur before a wedding begins because guests start angling for the best parking places upon arrival. This can cause tempers to flare and feelings to get hurt in ways that continue during the festivities. 

A professional valet service allows guests to exit their vehicles near the front entrance of the event and retrieve their car in the same spot when the festivities have finished. 

Guests Never Have to Go Searching for Their Vehicle

What otherwise might be good memories run the risk of being ruined if guests are left stumbling around lost in a parking lot looking for their cars. This can be avoided by using a valet service -- your guests will simply wait on the curb for their vehicles to be brought straight to them. 

Your Guests Can Relax and Let Us Do the Work

If you've invited a large crowd to your wedding, catering to everyone's happiness is hard. One thing you can do, though, is manage the parking situation.

Anyone who wastes precious minutes navigating through an uncontrolled parking lot crammed with anxious guests could be late for the ceremony—and not only that, but they'll be in a grumpy, stressed-out state when they get there.

Smooth things over with wedding valet services and watch the most important day of your life go off without a hitch.

Your Guests' Vehicles Will Be Safer

Even the most enjoyable wedding celebration will leave bad memories if guests return to their cars only to find broken windows and discover that items have been stolen. Professional valet attendants will watch for any sign of theft or vandalism in the parking area.

Their presence often serves to keep miscreants away, and our team has experts trained in advanced security measures, from weddings to concerts, so you never have to worry.

It's Classy

No posh wedding is complete without valet parking. It should be on your list of essentials. At Unparalleled Parking, we provide superior valet service for high-end customers who want to distinguish their wedding from all others. Our service will look and feel elegant, just like every other aspect of your big day. Simply put, if there's no valet, then there's no class.

Go All Out and Impress Your Guests

If there were ever a time to impress everyone around you, it would be at your wedding. After all, it's your big day. Your friends will not expect it and will be pleasantly surprised when they arrive and see you showing off in style. We'll make sure they feel like royalty when they step out of their vehicle. They'll love you for it! 

Nobody Wants to Walk a Mile to the Chapel

If you're expecting 500 guests, you can also potentially expect up to 500 vehicles. While your early arrivals may be able to claim some prime real estate, eventually, people will have to get out of their cars and walk to the building.

This creates a frustrating experience considering everyone is dressed up to see you. Why not save them the hassle and treat everyone to a valet experience?

The Pinnacle of Peace of Mind 

On your wedding day, you've already got enough to stress about. Will the ceremony go off without a hitch? Will all the guests enjoy themselves? Will catering be on time? Will the flower arrangements be just as you ordered?

We could go on and on, but you get the idea: weddings mean a lot of worries. So let our valet company handle one of them for you.

Taming the chaos that is parking is a beast in its own league. When there's the potential for accidents that can disrupt and ruin your day—not to mention cause major headaches for guests—of course, you'd be preoccupied with it to some degree. Unparalleled Parking can step in and smooth the process, allowing you to turn your focus back to the festivities.

Helpful Tips for Organizing the Valet Services

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and being over-prepared can make your day go smoothly, so here are some expert tips for exceptional valet services:

Know Your Needs

Start by getting a feel for how many guests are coming and know which transport method your guests will use to get there. This will give you a rough estimate of the number of vehicles the service can expect during the event, and the company can get enough employees to handle your event from start to finish. 

Know the Venue Locations

Most people will have their wedding and reception in separate places and may be far apart, making it doubly important to get parking out of the way and get there fast. Valet service can be particularly useful at a large venue or one where the parking can be complicated or unclear, like by a beach or in a park.

Some reception locations already have valet parking, and others are happy to work with your chosen service. In either case, ask them if they can provide a roped-off area just for your guests so everyone is in the same place. 

Informing Your Guests 

Once you've decided to hire a valet service, telling your guests in advance is a good idea. You can include this information in your wedding invitations and help them prepare to show up and let someone else park their vehicle.

What Are the Key Valet Parking Issues at Stake?

For a smoother valet experience, it's essential that you understand the possible challenges that you'll face when accommodating all of your guests. Here are some of the more common issues experienced:

  • Vehicle Proximity: How close do the vehicles have to be? How close are they allowed to be? 
  • Capacity vs. Attendance: Simply put, do you have enough room for your guests?
  • Positioning: How do we park the guests? Are the cars parked at an angle or perpendicular? 
  • VIP: Do we need to reserve special slots for certain guests? 
  • Facilities: Inside? Outside? Parking lots or on the grounds? 

Knowing the answers to these questions will help us gauge the level of service we need to have available for you.

Parking Logistics You Need to Consider

In addition to the issues above, there are other items you need to consider. For instance: 

The Valet Route

We like to create a valet route from the entrance to the parking space. In other words, how do we get from point A (the entrance) to point B (the valet) to point C (the parking space)? Knowing the route will help us determine our parking strategy and how we position the cars.

Established Parking

Are there defined parking spaces, or do we have to create them and form a pattern? What do we have to work with? 

Weather Conditions

Will the weather alter where we park the cars? For instance, if we're parking the vehicles on the grounds, what happens if it starts raining?

How Does Unparalleled Help Your Wedding Be Exceptional?

Aside from being a top-rated provider in the Twin Cities area, working with us means extra advantages, such as: 

Impeccable Communication

We understand how stressful planning a wedding can be. Therefore, we strive to streamline the services, so you can enjoy your day and leave the parking to us.

This is why we provide ongoing communication with you in any format you wish. You can also be assured that we will return your calls promptly!

We Are Prompt

Tell us when you want us to arrive at your wedding, and we'll be there early or on time. You will never have to wait for our service. We don't give excuses for being late. We don't need to. Our Unparalleled Parking drivers, staff, and administration know that your time is valuable, so we don't waste it. 

Professionalism is Key to Success

When your guests arrive, we will have everything set in place and dress precisely for the occasion, combined with friendly, courteous service with a big smile!

We are trained to greet your guests and make them feel welcome carefully. Because we are the first and last impression each person will have during your wedding, our team ensures they will leave as they arrive: 100% satisfied. 

Auto Safety at Every Turn

From your brand-new Honda Pilot to your cutting-edge Tesla S Series, every car is valuable to us and will be treated with absolute care. We make sure that parking spaces are wide enough so that we can get in and out of them efficiently and safely. 

Our company is fully insured and licensed to operate in Minnesota, and our drivers undergo extensive training so you can relax knowing that your car is in good hands with us.

Unparalleled Parking: Your Twin Cities Valet Experts 

Providing professional valet parking is simply a classy thing to do. It makes guests feel their presence is a valued and appreciated part of your special day. With over a decade in the business, we know what exceptional services look like and work hard to exceed your needs. 

If you are interested in adding valet parking services to your upcoming wedding in the Twin Cities area, call Unparalleled Parking at 651-300-1515 or connect with us online today.