When people think of valet companies, they usually think of overly decadent hotels that serve caviar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Paying for a valet service, they think, takes their event from casual to stuffy and will ruin a relaxed, come-as-you-are atmosphere.


This cannot be further from the truth; if anything, valet parking services facilitate a relaxed vibe amongst guests. How could taking the stress away from parking be anything but relaxing? Below, Unparalleled Parking, a Minneapolis valet company, discusses how causal events benefit from the peace of mind a valet company provides.


Concerts: Parking is Always a Bear

Minneapolis sports a wealth of concert venues—unfortunately, the same cannot be said for its parking spots. Music aficionados are oftentimes forced to park several blocks away from wherever the band is performing. Then, they must trek through the city streets in less-than-practical concert garb. High heels, dresses, and the obligatory band t-shirt don’t make for the warmest or most comfortable hike.


Valet parking service ensures that concert guests never have to worry about the weather or if their coveted concert souvenirs will make it through a city walk. They can relax and focus on why they’re at the event in the first place—for their love of music.


Private Parties: Valet Parking Services help Tame the Chaos

Face it: large gatherings can get messy. Anything large, from birthday parties to graduation events, will require some form of crowd control as far as parking goes. And when you’re too busy making sure your arthritic great aunt Sue doesn’t spill her casserole all over the kitchen floor, you can’t make your guests don’t park somewhere they’ll get towed, or that they won’t block in your grouchy neighbor's driveway.


So let a private event valet company help tame the chaos. When parking becomes a non-issue for both you and your guests, you both can rest easy. All you’ll need to manage is the celebration!


Hire a Twin Cities Valet Company Today

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